Greek style gyros low cal low fat

Tonight’s tea was a winner, I have worked out how to make a low cal low fat gyros plate, with less than half the calories of a standard gyros wrap.

We absolutely love Greek food, can not get enough of it, but for someone who’s now loosing weight a few thing have had to be omitted, especially the amazing delicious olive oil.

Iv had a play around with seasoning and using water instead of oil, and have created a recipe that had a very similar taste to the gyros that I do love.

I did not make the pitta bread that goes with an gyros as that would add a lot of calories to the meal and I do not think it would taste as amazing as the real thing,(trying to make it low fat low cal) the bread is a definite no no for me ☹️.

By using oven chips ( check lots of nutrition labels to buy the lowest cal & fat possible), cut out a huge amount of calories.

The tzatziki was also homemade and I used fresh lemon juice instead of oil to thin out the yogurt.

My whole plate was less than 400 calories!!! So a totally delicious guilt free meal.

Nothing will compare to authentic delicious Greek food but this is a very close 2nd.

My photographs are my own unless otherwise stated. If you want to share my photographs please give credit back to me either on here or on my Instagram page. Thank you.

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