Happy Sunday.

Feeling really good right now, I’m down to 114.1kg which is really good as i was 124.4kg when i started my lifestyle change just over 6 weeks ago.

Also happy as this Sunday i have managed to make a roast chicken Sunday dinner for less than 400 Calories!!! yep feeling mighty happy about that, especially after last Sundays disaster when i thought all the world was after me failing, i nearly did chuck the towel in though, and very glad i didn’t. Since going public i must say i have some negative responses but what the hell eh.. I think the green monster is rearing her ugly head but that’s not a problem for me, as i vowed to chuck any negativity from the top floor of a sky scraper and watch it smash into pieces on the ground, though thinking about it would a window on top of a sky scraper open? and would i be able to see it smash onto the ground from so high up? ( at least im laughing at myself ).

Hey guys if your reading this please hit the FOLLOW button its quite boring talking to myself, although i will keep on chatting away even if it is only to myself.

The weekend has been really good, had a nice roll (in my wheelchair) along the river, maybe i should say that it was on the path and technically not in the river itself lol popped into the shops for some garden ornaments, hopefully i’l stop before my garden starts to look like Blackpool illuminations or that Christmas has arrived everyday.

We keep looking out for the new signets on the river but mum is keeping them well hidden, which i am happy about as i have seen kids throwing things at them in the past its such a shame, I think we have found her nest though in a slightly different part of the river than she usually is and hidden very well ( i think small children will have problems spotting them) and away from prying eyes like mine. Will post pics once they are born and going up and down the river.

Oh and another major milestone i came down stairs earlier and my tummy wasn’t in the way ‘YAY’ but i better be careful i don’t fall down the stairs I haven’t got as much padding to protect me now!!!! lol.

Hope you have all had a good weekend and we will chat during the week, take care and dont forget to hit the FOLLOW button and say hi..

Roast Sunday dinner only 382 calories oh yes!!!
with dry roasted veggies mmmmm

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