Easter Food. Junk Food or a Guilty Pleasure?

The Easter weekend is now over, Phew.. not something I used to say though, Easter would continue over the next few weeks with lots of creamy chocolate eggs to eat whenever I liked and soft moist cakes decorated with mini chocolate eggs, sugar flowers and chicks oh so yummy and gooey, that lovely leg of lamb with its juicy meat just falling off the bone ( that’s how I love my meat). Roast potatoes dripping in oil and oh so crunchy Mmm when you take that first bite of deliciousness oh my god lamb and crispy roasts what could taste more heavenly, washed down with a glass or two of vino, yep of course the veggies are on my plate but they are going to stay there, no way am I going to eat them!! I need all the room in my belly for that wonderful mouthwatering meat and roasts and not forgetting the chocolate eggs and moist scrummy cakes, ice-cream and whatever other goodies I have brought to enjoy.

Ok, so i definitely over indulged over the Easter weekend, although i had no where near as much as i have had over the past years, what i did eat though has certainly taken a toll on my body, after 7 weeks of eating well and having a minimal sugar intake, my body just could not cope with the sugar rush, after the initial high of euphoria the chocolate gave me, the mixed feelings of excitement, like when i was a child and chocolate was a treat and i ate all my tea even the yucky veggies just so i could have that bar of chocolate, to the feelings of guilt, what am i doing? i’v worked so hard to get where i am now, 7 weeks of eating healthy fighting off the urges to fall off the wagon and go out and buy a nice big cream cake. But its Easter its not a problem I am Allowed a treat, a treat Yes but not a whole large Easter egg including the bars of chocolate that came with it, hot cross buns with butter and cakes and ice-cream.

My reasoning for eating it all in one go was that i wanted it out of the house and if i saved some for a ‘treat’ i would just want more and more so nope, eat it now and get it out of the house…

Sunday night we crawled into bed and both thinking and saying the same “can we have real food now”

Its now Tuesday night and i’m just starting to come around starting to feel more normal, my body has been through so much crap this weekend and iv no one to blame except myself, the nausea, light headedness, lethargy, swollen tummy, mixed emotions upset tummy really bad upset tummy, basically just feeling like a bag of shit if i’m honest.

Will I do it again? who knows, possibly, right now i am saying NO NO NO but after all i am only human, and should a gathering say like Christmas come around yes i will have a treat, BUT only a treat.

So i can confirm for myself it was most defiantly not a guilty pleasure, Not this time, but we live and we learn, and to top it off its bloody weigh in day tomorrow, i know i have lost but probably no where near as much as i could have, lessons to be learned everything in moderation…

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