Me and my Veggies.

How good do these veggies in the picture look?. How many of you are going Yuk?.., just as i once did.

Now i’v never been one who likes to eat all her vegetables, that was until i discovered the fresh straight from the earth to your basket kind, the difference in the size and the taste and the quality compared to supermarket veggies is massive, I discovered shop local at my little greengrocers in town, the veggies are free from pesticides and other unknown chemicals. Its not just the quality and the price but you are contributing back into your community and supporting your local small businesses.

Sometimes veggies can be totally boring and yep your going to get fed up eating them the same taste the same consistency, if your not a veggie lover then you are going to get fed up very quickly.

I’v learnt a lot about seasoning and other ways of roasting without oil. Do not be afraid to play around with foods, does it really matter if its not the taste it was born with? as long as your happy with how its tastes that is great, your not loosing any of the nutrients or antioxidants, of course don’t go adding loads of creamy sauces or cheese if your wanting to watch your waistline.

For me seasoning is using either dried, fresh or ground herbs and spices, as i really do have to watch my waistline… . I found smoked paprika and its great for oil free roasting in the oven, the veggies taste almost like bbq food.

Thank for reading and i’ll see you next time.

All photographs and food creations are mine unless otherwise stated, and may not be used as your own, if you do want to share my food creations in your blogs or pages please link the photograph back to myself either on here, my Instagram page or my Facebook Page

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