New Week New Beginning

What a lovely day it has been today, the sun put in an appearance a bit different to Saturday where we played dodge the rain drops and hail stones.

On Saturday it wasn’t supposed to rain till the afternoon so early morning we thought we would have a toddle to the supermarket via the river to see if there was any sign of this years cygnets, its either a bit to early yet or mum is keeping a tight hold on them. We saw daddy swan very nearby to the nest keeping his watchful protective eye on his graceful lady. We may not have seen the new babies but at least we were followed by a couple of friends!! I’m sure the the piece of bread i was holding had something to do with it and it was not my company they were after lol.

So the saying is ‘like a duck to the water’ or when its raining ‘nice weather for the ducks’. Now i like a duck, but that doesn’t mean i want to be a dam duck, as usual the weather man got it wrong and the bloody heavens opened, why is it that when i’m sat in my wheelchair i get even wetter than if i was walking? i haven’t quite worked that one out yet, so here’s the hubby pushing me alongside the river trying to dodge the rain drops while i’m looking more like a drowned rat than a graceful swan…. Yay the supermarket is in sight but ouch that bloody hurt flaming hail stones, there was no mention of hail stones on the weather report, just something else they misses, now and i all i want to do is get in the door so i can try and mop my face, and try to look less like a headbutted rat, but No some idiot is only parked on the path, yes fully on the path not half on half off no all the bloody way… the idiot, so that means i have to get out of my chair and waddle like a duck!! around the car, the rain and hail is that heavy that by the time i sit back down my seat is soaking wet, not a nice feeling, only to look up and see another idiot parked across the crossing, just looking at us, making no effort to drive forward off it, “its ok love you just stay in your nice dry car don’t spare a thought for us will you” Nope i have to get out of my chair to get down the kerb, its far to high to take the wheelchair off i would probably end up falling out of it flat on my face, its bad enough that i looked as though i had wet myself because of my wet seat, all i wanted to do was get into the supermarket to get some shelter. (Rant over if it hadn’t of been raining i would of stood my ground and made them move).

Anyway lets move from the rant lol.

Today was a lovely day, from getting up and going to sit in the garden with my coffee, i was praying the weather man had got it correct, we decided to head to the coast to have breakfast/lunch, so we made a couple of bowls of salad and fruit and some bottles of water and headed off, Monday has a been a marvelous day, just a slight nip in the air, perfect hopefully we will have a couple more this week, it was lovely to get out and just breathe in the air of the sea, I only live a 10 min walk to the beach the one to the right it quite easy to get to it has a promenade to walk along, but the one to the left is a bit more challenging for me to get to which i call rocky beach, as you will see from the pics. Although we don’t have the best beaches we do have some wonderful views and amazing sunsets, on a less cloudy day i will upload some pics for you.

I hope you have all had an amazing day, this week i will be trying out some new recipes so watch this space.

Every day is a new day to start again do not give up, giving up xx

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