Carrots, Face Masks and Nail Varnish.

Carrots all i want are chantenay carrots, but nowhere has had them for 3 weeks now, according to google, chanteney carrots are available all year in the UK as they are harvested in different areas of the country… Does this mean that they are only available in the areas of harvesting??? does this mean i will have to keep moving every month just so i can have them… I love carrots but i don’t want ‘normal’ carrots, its a good job i’m growing some myself then they will be available in my garden and i will only have to move to different parts of the garden, at least there wont be much packing and unpacking… lol.

So after getting in to smaller clothes and working hard for the past 9 weeks i thought i would give myself a pamper evening, and try out one of those new packet face masks ( I’m guessing there not new, but seeing as iv been a bit of a recluse for the past few years, there new to me). I have noticed that the skin on my face is very dry probably years of central heating drying out my skin.

Well opening the packet not a problem, but trying to keep hold of the slippery little blighter well that’s another thing, i’m sure this shape is what should resemble a nose, but its in a soggy slippy square, i guess your supposed to open it out until it resembles the look of a face, yeah how many minutes did it take me to try and keep hold and open out, well the instructions say place on face for 15-20 mins, 15 minutes later and i’m still trying to open the blighter up, surly there is a much easier way?, its going to end up as dry as a bone ( a bit like my chicken today oopppsss).

At last its open even though its slipping between my fingers ( think i will stick to the squeezy tube masks, at least you only get sticky !! with those).

Have I got an unusually small area between my mouth and nose? because this has totally engulfed my mouth ha ha, and it does not taste very nice at all, yes i know your not suppose to eat it, but yuk.

For my next treat i thought i would buy myself some new nail varnish it was going cheap at only £1.00 a bottle it was to good a buy to miss, i recently brought some new pink nail varnish from Avon, but seeing these 3 pink ones i just had to buy them, ( i’m sure i have more in one of my many cosmetic bags/boxes ), this is where our other half’s find it complicated, when you say you need a new colour, a pink polish is a pink polish right? No.. they are all pink, but they are all different pinks, they are different shades, so no, one pink is not the same as the other pink and that also goes for different colours …

My advice therefore is, when your partner says they need a new varnish and pick up 3 or 4 in the same ‘colour’ keep stum and just say there ‘lovely’ darling, much easier than getting an hour lesson on shades and it will get you out of the shop sooner, as we are not going to show you and explain the different shades of purple that we have just fell in love with, and you get to keep more money in your pocket.

Umm now to decide which ‘shade’ to put on

Tomorrow we are off to the city and i will hunt down chanteney carrots, squeezy sticky face masks and who knows i may find another ‘shade’ of pink varnish to fall in love with. Have a great week everyone and no matter what you are doing keep smiling.

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