Living with Chronic Pain.

Many of us live with chronic pain on a daily basis, some due to illnesses or accidents where we could possibly get treatment, where we could possibly get better and live pain free, for others its a life changing situation to know you had no pain and a lead a ‘normal’ life to knowing that you can never live another day without pain.

But for some of us we have no answer, the medical profession don’t even have an answer for us, we are just given a prescription for pain killers, and have every scan, x-ray and blood tests that is known, see a variety of different specialists and repeat the whole testing over and over again and still there is no answer, that’s it you just have to get on with it.

It doesn’t matter how many times you see a doctor its always the same, there is no answer as to why you are in pain, lets up your med’s, you get to a point in your life when you only go and see the doctor for your yearly prescription renewal, you live in silence, in pain, hide away from the world, is it in all my head? Oh the questions that you ask yourself, the self doubt you have, your worthless, no one will want me, no one will love me, for god sake i cant even put on my own socks never mind tie my shoe laces, do you ask yourself how did it come to this? how did your life take such a downward turn?…

For me everyday is a struggle, some days more than others, everyday I have a smile on my face, sometimes its real sometimes its fake, it take a lot of energy to look ‘normal and happy‘, you see the glances people give you, you hear the remarks they say to there friends they are with, you know the sort ‘she doesn’t look ill, she doesn’t need to be in that wheelchair‘.

That,s the thing with an invisible illness, it cant be seen so there for ‘it does not exist ‘and you ‘look normal’ so therefore there is ‘nothing wrong with you‘. How many of you have come across this???

Occasionally people get to me with there stupid comments and hurt me, but iv learnt to live with them and brush them off, although i should not have to learn to live with it, and I along with many of you probably only remember the bad things that are said to us when we are having a bad day, we rarely remember the nice things that are said to us do we?

In a nutshell living with chronic pain is literally a pain in the arse, and unfortunately there is always someone else who is always worse off than I am.

Please share your stories with me and others so that we can all support each other.

When you have an invisible illness, its hard to explain to someone who doesn’t understand, that it is a daily struggle being in pain on the inside when you look good on the outside.

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