I made it to week 10!!!, Teenage Mental Health, Weight Progress and Garden (overview of weeks 9-10)

Hi peeps what a glorious weekend it has been, let’s hope the weather is here to stay for a while longer.It’s 6.30 am and lovely enough to sit in the garden with my morning coffee, though I have got a cardie on over my pj’s it’s still beautiful and the birds are all singing away with there various morning songs and not a cloud in the sky, it’s seems spooky (my cat) is also listening to the birds.


I have really surprised myself, I didn’t think id last this long to be honest, but I guess I have determination on my side this time, and writing things out, even if no one is reading it has really helped me.Something is going on in my tummy again, I look like I’m about to give birth, I thought all this was behind me, no more swelling now I’m eating healthier, but no it rears its ugly head again, it is getting me down a bit but i’l just wait and see what the doc says next week.

On a brighter note my youngest daughter brought me a gift to celebrate my 2 stone weight loss, I’m so glad I brought all those pink nail polishes last week, as 1 of them matches perfect…😍 See you really do need more than 1 pink shade 😂.

The garden is looking good now, I had been watching the lights go out in the other half’s eyes as it seemed like his new shed was never going to arrive, but yesterday evening they lit up brighter than the illuminations when I told him I had received an email to say that it was on his way, his eyes were definitely brighter than all the solar lights he has been putting around the garden 💡. We only have a small garden so he’s opted for one of the plastic sheds, which I’m praying it is going to go up much easier than the demolishing of the old one ( I’m thinking I’ll run as fast as my stubby legs will carry me and hide when it arrives), I must give him credit though for utilizing the small space we have, and the veggies are coming on really well.

It’s been a tense week at home though with the start of A level exams here in the UK, there have been a few meltdowns, there seems to be so much pressure on kids these days during exam times, I really don’t remember it being so difficult during our exam era,It’s no wonder a lot of teenagers have mental health issues around this time or they are indeed heightened, there is so much pressure on them to do amazing or they they won’t amount to much!!!!

I find today that school does not instill confidence in them, (in my experience).All I ask is that you do your best, whether you pass or fail you did your best and that’s all I ask of you, your health is not worth a letter or a number on a piece of paper, if you want to succeed down a particular path in life then you will achieve it despite what that piece of paper says.

As a parent of a child with mental health issues, it can be very hard to know what to say to them sometimes, they are looking to you for answers, but it can be quite scary as you know if you say the wrong thing (even though to you it is the right thing) that can knock them even further down, or next time they are having a breakdown they will use it against you and you are the bad parent for not understanding !!!!

When I tell her just do your best, I get but Mr or Mrs said if I don’t get this grade or that grade, I won’t be able to do this or that, it makes my blood boil, because YES you can, you can be anything you set your heart on… Being the mother of 5 children over the past 15 yrs I have seen how exams have changed and the pressures they now are under is so unfair and the expectations are set way to high and they must not fail, it’s so sad to see all these children so very very sad and messed up, where have the days of school “will be the best times of your life”?? I am going to close on the subject now or I will ramble on for hours, I hope I have been able to just get my point across.

On a brighter note my progress has been amazing, even though a little difficult from time to time, I didn’t become overweight overnight, so I have to except that it is going to take some time to get healthier and fitter, and on that note, I think i should get dressed and enjoy some time out side while the weather is good. See you all tonight xx

All photographs and food creations are mine unless otherwise stated, and may not be used as your own, if you do want to share my food creations in your blogs or pages please link the photograph back to myself either on here, my Instagram page or my Facebook Page

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