Good Morning, Wheelchair Mishap.

Good morning peeps.

What a lovely morning it is here, the 1st time in over a week the sun is shinning the sky is blue and just a few whispy clouds are visible with a slight breeze, although I shouldn’t be fooled by the beautiful sight out of the window, I have seen it change so quickly in the blink of an eye, from glorious sunshine to torrential rain.

Goodness I’m on a roll this morning, breakfast made and eaten, lunch prepared and packed, I’m thinking what a lovely day to eat it by the sea, evening veggies prepped just can’t decide if I want meat or fish though, one thing I do know is with it being so glorious outside I’m definitely going to try and walk a bit, just need to get down the dreaded hill, the hill brings back a certain memory, though I can laugh about it now.

So it’s one of those changing days, you know sunshine then rain, I was heading to the dentist with my daughter and it began to rain, the dentist is just down the hill and across the road, umm that dreaded curb, the dam one I have to master, the rain suddenly came from nowhere so we speed up a bit, looking around at that dreaded corner, you can go left or right but no one indicates they just assume we know which way there going,… Yeah my spidey sences are working overtime… so no cars at all let’s just go for it, probably only been a minute but we are soaked already and just want to get in the dentist, heres the curb I’m lifted down it in the correct manner but no the leg of my wheelchair snaps off completely, not the wheel but the whole dam bar, perfectly clean as though iv just sliced through a mushroom….

So I’m now in a heap on the road after being catapulted from my chair…… It’s not that comfy anyway I really didn’t want to be sat in it…..nope I so wanted to be in a heap in the road….

Cars, where the heck did all that traffic come from it wasn’t there a few seconds ago, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry, but is ok I’m sure one of the cars that are giving me a wide berth… Bloody hell am I really that wide???… Are going to pull over safely and see if we need any help…. Nope not one car pulled over or even the workmen who were stood by there van a few feet away came to see if we needed any help…

Once I’d made it to my feet,. (although I guess seeing a giant heap on all fours trying to get up from the middle of the road in the pouring rain must have been so so shocking that everyone couldn’t take there foot off the accelerator or unglue there feet from the path to help) and propped myself up on my walking sticks we hobbled across the road to the dentist, it’s the first time in my life iv actually ever been happy to get to the dentist, it’s a good job iv some mobility or we would have been knackered.

It’s a tale I laugh about now, infact the whole thing was funny, I only got slightly angered by the people who didn’t stop to see if we needed help, but you know what that shows to me, is what a sad world we are becoming, but I’m one of those if I don’t laugh il cry and not stop crying, it’s happened you cant change the past whether a few minutes or years ago, you simply brush yourself down and get on with life, live for the moment, you may not be here in the next minute.

So il bid you goodbye for a while, while I get dressed, arm myself with my tens machine, walking sticks and new wheelchair, wish me luck I have to endure the dreaded curb later lol.

Have a great day wherever you are, whatever your doing and remember a smile is free and available in every race, religion and on every planet x

View from my bedroom window this morning.

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Wow, what an experience! Well done for keeping such a positive attitude 👍


    1. Thank you, its on of the things iv learnt since getting ill, is to just take it on the chin lol

      Liked by 1 person

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