Walking to loose weight with limited mobility, in public !!!. One step at a time.

Good Evening Peeps.

It really was a glorious day out there, much hotter than it looked through the window, I think the gentle swaying trees I saw this morning were just a figment of my imagination lol, I was positively over dressed for this heat, and I did have to ask myself am I in the UK..

Quick update on the ‘dreaded curb’, I survived it, well I must have I’m here writing, the good news is that they have replaced it with a drop curb, yay, I must remember to take a pic of it next time and you can give me your thoughts on where the drop curb has been placed, that really is another story.

This evening id like to talk about walking with limited mobility to help you on your weight loss goals.

Firstly do not be afraid, for me it was very scary taking those 1st steps out of my wheelchair in public, a million questions going through my head, am I going to fall over? look like a prat?, are people going to stare?, yep probably, what if I can’t take a step?, what if it’s to painful?, do you know what?, I not only asked myself questions I made excuses. It’s scary outside of the security of your home isn’t it?.

Secondly… 1 step, yes just 1 step is all it takes, congratulations you’ve done it.

Next time, whether it’s the next day, the next week, or even the next month, you will be confident enough to take 2 steps, because you took that first step.

I can hear all those drill sargents shouting at me now, 1 step 2 steps not enough, well let me tell you it is enough, it is a start it is the beginning, it is more than you did yesterday and possibly more than you’ll do tomorrow.

Im not going to lecture you and say you have to do this, do that, all im going to say is take it 1 step at a time.

Arm yourself with help devices, I have a tens machine, a pair of stunning pink walking sticks and of course my wheelchair, i do have a push along with a seat rest on, but find its way to heavy and awkward to use, a zimmer frame with wheels, but most of all i have my spirit.

Todays walk was lovely, i managed better than i ever have, I think mainly because i had my mind set on doing some walking and that the sun was shinning, but i know i will not be able to walk tomorrow or even next week, or ever as well as i did today, so when you feel you have the energy just go for it, you don’t know when your going to feel that good or positive again.

Tips for helping to get steps in daily.

  • Invest in a pedometer.
  • Download a step counter to your mobile.
  • Download Map My Walk to your mobile phone.
  • Count the steps you take and jot them down on a piece of paper.

All the steps you take daily, like going to the loo, popping to the kitchen for a drink, closing the curtains, EVERY STEP COUNTS I think you will be surprised at just how many steps you take.

Remember the saying rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is getting fit and losing weight it all takes time, so go at your own pace, but when that voices pops into your head saying you can’t do this, just say Yes I Can.

I will leave you with a few pictures from today’s outing and bid you all goodnight.

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    so right! no point going hell for leather, much better to do what you can when you can! glad to hear about the dropped curb :). loving the pics – beautiful scene!


    1. Absolutely, why give yourself undue stress, with the lovely weather we’ve had this week ( now it’s hello rain), my hubby has taken me out 3 times, but the 3rd time I didn’t even get out of my wheelchair, I physically didn’t have the energy to put one front in front of the other, I used to really stress about it, thinking how am I going to get fitter, now I know it’s fine it doesn’t matter, every little helps, but it was lovely to get out.
      I’m very lucky where I am, on a beautiful sunny day I have some fantastic scenery to look at, which is great for the day’s I’m stuck in my bed lol.

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