What a week… Rain Tears and New Recipes..

This week has been full of ups and downs, some funny and some that have really rattled my cage ( though looking back now they were really really minor ), isn’t it crazy that when we calm down and look back were just like why did that little incident send me into a crazy, shreeking, hair tearing out monster?? Why the hell do we let little things let us get our knickers in a twist?.

Iv noticed that since starting my weightloss journey and my periods returning, that im getting irritated and weepy very easy, iv mentioned this several times at my GP practice but it has been shrugged off, I must have an imbalance somewhere, if anyone has any thoughts or if this has happened to you I’d be happy to know, so that I can go armed with info when im at the docs next week, yikes that means it weigh in time ( gulps deeply ). All the info I have seen online states that I should be eating plenty of seafood to stave off moodiness but it’s not working, I eat a lot of seafood it’s my all time favourite food, also not to drop below 1500 Cal’s a day that I also don’t do, so feeling a tad flumaxed at the moment.

I only put on 2lbs while on holiday in July so that was pretty good, although I was quite poorly for a few weeks after, I’m finally getting back on track, I think, but I guess all will be revealed next week. Yikes. Think it’s time to do some progress pics after my weighin 🙈

NEGATIVES…So in-between my phone resetting it’s self over night, loosing all my apps, my recipes!!! ( After I had thrown out the paper copies typical..) a lot of photographs, contacts, you get the jist of it.. I managed to retrieve some items. My PC refusing to turn on for 2 days.. The horrendous weather we have had, after all the sunshine, it’s very frustrating not being able to get out. I’m now a firm believer that the weather plays a big part in our emotions… A powercut for hours, which felt like days and taking a tumble in the shower, it’s not been too bad a week ha ha.

POSSITIVES… I managed to get some crochet done, a few gifts I’m taking over to Greece at the end of the month, I created 3 new meals/recipes, iv got pics but will write up the recipe’s as soon as I can, got an absolute bargain this morning (makes up for dodging the rain) 10 packets of Macca Powder for 10p each, yep 10p.. in B&M and there in date till 2021 so very happy with that find.

I hope you’ve all had a good week, and now iv wrote it down, I’m quite excited to be doing progress pics next week. I will be back soon to tell you all about my ultimate amazing seafood platter, perfect for saying thank you, happy Birthday etc.

Cheese and Mushroom Turkey Burgers
180 Calories per burger.
Cheese Lovers Chicken and Veg
346 Calories per meal.
Lemon Chicken with Sweet Fried Veggies.
280 Calories per meal.

Please note.. All photographs, recipes, creations are mine unless otherwise stated. You are welcome to reblog, share my work on other social media outlets.. BUT please give credit back to me, by linking either to my blog, Instagram or Facebook page, all links can be found on my cover page. Thank you.

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