Wednesday 4th September.. I’m tired.. Pain and bad dreams.. Morning chit chat.

Good morning peeps, it’s a rather overcast and windy day here this morning, I think I may see a spot of blue sky in the distance but I’m guessing it will soon be eaten up by the dreary clouds.

Had a rough night sleeping, I’m usually not to bad at sleeping but I’ve had quite a bit of pain and very resltless, I jolted awake at 6.15am after an awful dream, leaving me gasping for breath while trying to chant the words pergla and perga, I know these were connected to my dream, but no idea what they are, I’ll Google them later see what they are and if they jog my memory. I’m thinking now they are a place as I rember trying to save, I think my daughter, I wish you could always remember your dreams would make things so much more clearer.

Yep it’s definitely going to rain, guess il have to dry the washing in the dryer, although I prefer to put it on the line to dry, especially bedding as it has that amazing just washed smell when it’s been dried on the line don’t you think.

I’m going to get off here now and meal prep for the day, it’s very rarely I meal prep for more than 1 day as I change my mind so often lol.

Have a good day all wherever you are, whatever your doing. Will chat tonight xx

I think this sums up how I’m feeling this morning after a rough night.

Image: Google images.

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