5/09/19 good morning, the problem with clothes and big boobies

Good morning peeps, i had a better night’s sleep last night, only woke up the once i think, but would love to have stayed in bed past 6.15am…. The sky looks a bit better today than yesterday, lots of clouds but at least there white instead of that dreaded grey colour, i can see a lot more blue today, so the first load has just finished in the washing machine, i will take a chance on putting it out on the line, wish me luck lol. ( 1st load on the line )

Plans for the day, i am going to try and have a little walk or even a small workout, i’m still feeling a tad sore and a bit tired, but i will try, and decide what to have for dinner.

Much to my youngest daughters horror…. I have brought some co-ords for my grown ups holiday haha, I absolutely love the colours and patterns ( I always wear black t-shirts and leggings, coz that is what this chunky peep wears to cover up and hide from the world), but this year im fighting my inner self, now, all the tops are cropped tops, eek, and being a tad big in the boobies that causes a problem as the tops are not suitable to wear a bra under, most are just a band of fabric, boob tube style, very short boob style,… I must remember though not to stretch or bend over or those babies are coming flying right out of that piece of fabric, although i may go topless next to the pool, i don’t think it would be very appropriate for the babies to spring a leak in the restaurant while people are eating, tho i’m sure a few wouldn’t mind ha ha.

Now the pants, well whoever made them, obviously thought that everyone is 7ft tall!! even with high heeled shoes there’s still about a foot of fabric, just ready to trip me up, make me fall flat on my face or even worse my face into the lap of the person next to me or even there dinner plate, now that would be a nightmare as i don’t think i would be able to get up, you know my face in a plate full of yummy food, i think my inner dog would come out and i would just have to start lapping up all that wonderful yummy food.

It’s a good job i have a hubby who love to iron, I have invested in rolls of wonderweb to hem the pants, i think it will be a lot easier and tidier than me getting my sewing machine out and making them look a little hashub, plus its another smallish job i can hand over to the hubby.

Im thinking im going to get a lot of looks wearing these beautiful co-ord sets, and probably not for the right reasons, so what if iv a few spare tyres on show, this blubber is going to keep me warm in the winter, so what if i don’t look as perfect as the lady next to me wearing the same thing with the perfect flat stomach and pert boobies, my tummy has cooked 5 babies and these bobbies have fed 5 babies, yep there going to dangle a bit, ok well a lot… if i tried i think i could tie them in a bow… lol..

Conclusion…. Iv worked dam hard to drop 5 dress sizes!!! yep, i have quite a few wobbly bits, but do you know what.. I’m allowed to wear the latest fashion, Im allowed to show off the hard work that iv put in so far, if you don’t like what i’m wearing, then dont look, because i love it and i feel good, I don’t have a problem with what i’m wearing so why do you??

I’m going to leave it here for a while, the sky has turned a rather yuky grey colour, I just knew it wasn’t going to last, wishful thinking, so i had best go and check on the washing, have a good day wherever you are whatever you are doing, chat later xx

I have invested in a little top just in case the boobies decide to make an appearance, but i wont know that until i’m actually moving around in it lol.

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    LOVE the outfit! love your post – made me laugh a bit too loudly at work 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, please laugh away as loudly as you like lol

      Liked by 1 person

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