Check in/Update wed 11/09/19 Superfood Powders, Weightloss Swollen Tummy, Pain

Good evening Peeps, hope your all good.

I’m starting to feel a tad better, emotionally my brain is returning to some form of normality (tho I’m not sure it will ever be totally normal lol). Physically I’m still quite fatigued, and in lots of pain my tummy is very swollen and sore I look as though I’m about to give birth!!! That will not be happening I’ve done my bit to contribute to world population, I’m leaving those overgrown cobwebs right where they are… šŸ˜‚

Went to see my nurse this morning, she commented on how my weighloss was visible apart from my tummy, which was clearly humongous, and needed attention so I’m off to see a nurse practitioner and possibly a doctor at 8.30am tomorrow, yay more poking and prodding, if I’m lucky they will pop my tummy, yep that’s me whooshing around and around the light fitting like a balloon, but at least il be deflated so alls good…

Jumped (though not literally) onto the scales and iv only lost 4lbs this month, to poorly to feel disheartened, but she did say its obviously much more than that and she can’t wait to see what the real weighloss is when my tummy is sorted out, I must say I feel like I’m carrying a 2stone baby around its so bloody heavy..

I decided to go out and search for superfood nutrious powders yesterday, I’ve done a little research on them, so just brought a few to try, every little helps they say, but at least they can’t hurt me so il give them a go.

I made a Yogurt breakfast this morning with % fat-free Greek Yogurt and a teaspoon of the red berries powder, turning the Yogurt a gorgeous pink colour, it tasted lovely.

The macca powder I’ve had for a while, and I use a teaspoonful mixed into my cottage cheese each day, and top with sweet chilli sauce as I’m not to keen on the taste.

I managed a small salad for lunch, really need to get back into eating without pain, I’m just not enjoying my food, and I bloody love food.

For tea I managed a small chicken breast and a few mushrooms, that is why I’m writing now to try and take my mind off the pain, praying they get somewhere near to the bottom of the problem tomorrow, I’ve new clothes to wear for my holidays and want to fit my tummy in them…

I’ll close for now and check in with you tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are whatever your doing xoxo.

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