13th September, Lucky for me… Healthy Eating Back on Track…

Today has been a really good day, certainly getting stronger each day, I managed a small workout and also a walk today, I am feeling stronger each day, just need tummy pain to go away now, but I have fought my way through it.

Breakfast was great I could actually taste the yogurt, my taste buds have been a bit off today, and I had just a light salad at lunch, Im building up my food intake slowly not because i’m ‘dieting’ but i don’t want to upset my tummy till its feeling better, the pain hasn’t been to bad during the day but this evening it’s back to normal, hopefully the meds will take effect soon.

I have loved being back in the kitchen again, I have so missed it, and also looking forward to my deserts even more, now that my daughter discovered our local garage…has started selling the Skinny Food Co, foods, I’m back in heaven, it sounds like they have a good range, will be popping in soon to stock up, I have always had to buy online now i can say goodbye to postage fees and buy an extra bottle.

Tea/Dinner was a pork chop ( all visible fat removed ), cooked with a honey and mustard dressing and roasted apples.

Desert was, 0% fat free greek yogurt, with baked fruit tossed in mixed spices and coated in skinny food co’s maple syrup, which contains 0 fat, 0 calories, 0 carbs, a sweet tooths pudding heaven.

Enjoy the rest of your night/day wherever you are, whatever you are doing xoxo. For me i am going to have an early night, chat tomorrow.

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