14/09/19. Good Morning, Easy excersise. Plans for the day.

Hello peeps, hope your all good.

The weather is certainly looking better out there today, I see a touch of blue sky, whispy white clouds and a good breeze perfect for drying clothes, I think I will have to go and look for some dirty washing, I’m not sure why but seeing washing hanging and blowing on the line gives me such a good feeling.

Plans for today.

Iv began with my usual morning coffee, Black with 2 teaspoons of cologran, just the one for now or il be running to the loo piddling during my workouts.

To build back up my strength again.. Il just be doing 2 of Lucy Wyndham – Reads belly busting workouts, I started them yesterday and really enjoyed doing it, Il also go for a little walk later.

https://www.youtube.com/user/LWRFitnessChannel if the link doesn’t work let me know and I will pop onto the lap top and insert it from there.


Breakfast will consist of Yogurt, honey and fruits.

Lunch will be a chickpea salad I’m thinking, tho could possibly change.

Dinner, I’m thinking along the lines of a seafood stir fry.

So my peeps I will leave you for a bit and get stuck into my tasks and il check back in later.

Have a good day wherever you are whatever you are doing xoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    doesn’t seeing a bit of blue sky just make you feel better :). You’re link works fine, I’m might have a go at some of the Lucy Wyndham videos, I’m looking to change my step out for something else, so thank you for the vid 🙂


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