Diet Fail, excuses or Mother Nature’s fault?? 17/9/19. Can I get back on track…

Good morning peeps.

I always say to myself don’t make plans, they never go to plan lol, if you read my blog on Saturday 14th, you will see I made a daily plan, the only things that stayed on plan was my workout and breakfast.

The walk was very hard, fighting against the wind, I definitely pushed myself to hard that I ended up in bed for hours, being too exhausted I had 0 energy for prepping tea, so asked hubby to just make a pealla for tea, it was scrummy but very high in calories, that’s fine il be more careful on Sunday….


Sunday started great, out for a short walk, prepped lunch then made homemade Pork and Feta burgers for tea, I must say I’m getting good at inventing recipes 😁.

For desert I wanted to use the skinny food co’s syrups, so I took a banana and sprinkled it with mixed spice and covered it in white chocolate syrup and baked in the oven, with the apples I sliced them, sprinkled with mixed spices and coated in lots of the maple syrup sauce chucked in a handful of walnuts and baked in the oven. Served with 0% Fat Free Greek Yogurt mixed with Berry superfood powder, and poured over the juice from the apples, it was so yummy.

Yay Sunday went great, workout done, all food calorie counted and tracked, time to settle down with my crochet and a film, been a good day, feeling proud of myself, then Bang… I need chocolate raisins and cheese puffs, the urge is overwhelming, I need them and now! So hubby puts on shoes and heads to the shop. I really couldn’t control my urges, but god they tasted good, it’s OK I’ve Monday to get back on track.


Yep time to get back on track, get up, feel great, head to the shops for some veggies, no one has Brocoli or Cauliflower can’t get them anywhere, so guess it’s chicken and salad for tea, I was after making a roast dinner but that’s another plan out of the window, we have to pass the biscuit Isle, and like a magnet my body is drawn to coconut rings, after battling with my inner devil iv got to have them so buy them, only small pangs of guilt go through me, but that inner devil is saying you wrecked yesterday’s food so you might as well continue, and I do…

Get home feeling both happy and sad at the same time, go to loo, and smack, she’s here that dam Mother Nature person that I sometimes detest, who also paid me a visit last week!! Has she no one else to visit, she’s not welcome here any more.

Realisation sinks in, that’s why im craving the sugar, it all makes sense now, how I’ve needed naughty food and felt miserable, but back comes the inner demon, your just making excuses to eat what you want, mother nature has nothing to do with it.

So in my present state the jury is out utill my inner angel makes an appearance and talks some sense.

Plans for today!! Yes I know plans don’t turn out for me, but I’m thinking of digging through my odd balls of wool and see if I can crochet a cover for an old footstool, I will let you know in due course.

Wherever you are whatever your doing have a good rest of the day xoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    at least you know the inner demon won’t be around for ever, and actually the angel is winning some of the time now, and most of the time when nature isn’t calling 🙂 your food looks yummy btw 🙂 happy crochetting


    1. That’s true lol, oh how us ladies go through it sometimes lol, and thank you, iv been meaning to cover the stool for a very long time, so finally got stuck into it now lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jmarie1974 says:

    I love your blog! I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Bloggers Award:


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