A very productive day, excersise and food wise.

Good evening Peeps.

To say I am feeling proud of myself is an understatement, I did my best walk ever, I wanted to reach the railway station but it was always around the next corner… Ha ha…

Upped my pace every few minutes made sure that my heart rate was up, I must have looked a right site, hobbling as fast as I could on my pink walking sticks, red faced, sweat pouring down me and panting like a dog.. Must say I had a few looks, you no those looks, what the eck is she doing 😂😂.

The railway is definitely around this corner I can do it, I will do it, yay here comes that bend, speed up, pant harder, achievement it so close I can smell the fuel of the train, iv done it..

Umm well its around the next bend.. I can’t get to the next bend, not for the want of trying though, there’s a darn bridge in the way that leads to a field, which is not suitable for my wheelchair, never mind, next time il walk down the roads maybe, but the costal path is much nicer.

In all honesty though it was time to stop pushing myself so hard, so a nice rest, while looking out to sea, and plenty of water before I started the gentle walk back, yes gentle, it was lovely to see my neighbours granddoggies come bounding towards me, 2 tiny bundles of fluff, I must get a pic of them to show you all they are so cute.

The bridge that stopped me lol.
Small river, running under the bridge.
The Dock where my walk began.

This morning started off great, popped into the garden to harvest some carrots, spring onions, cucumber and onions for today’s food. I’m so in love with the taste and smell of fresh veggies, I will certainly be growing more.

I prepped breakfast, lunch and dinner/tea, breakfast was my usual yogurt and fruit, lunch was a big bowl of salad and prawns, tea was a yummy salmon fillet with a honey and mustard homemade dressing, and veggies fried in a hoisin and garlic sauce. Will definitely be making that again.


Today has been amazing, I really feel like I’m getting back in control, it’s been a tough few months, but I’m looking up again.

So il say goodbye for now, I’m off to shower weekly bloods tomorrow, time to be a pin cushion again while they try and find a vein that’s wants to play, not many of them do these days.

Wherever you are whatever your doing have a great rest of the day. Xoxo.

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Well done 👐. Hope the veins play 😊


    1. Thank you, me too I hate it taken from my hand or wrist it really burns lol

      Liked by 1 person

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