Sorry I’ve been busy busy.

Good afternoon peeps, hope your all good?.

It’s been a busy couple of days, I’ve had a few crochet projects I needed to get finished, and had to give my time and commitment to them, but now I have a numb and tingly finger lol, firstly I needed to cover my very old footstool, it did have a leather upper but each grandchild from the moment they could stand has had a little pick and pull at the cover, with the eldest being 12, it’s had a lot of picking, bearing in mind it is approximately 45 yrs old, and so comfy noway it was being taken to its final resting place just yet… So I dug about for odd balls of wool, that had to be thick and strong to withstand more little grand babies, and came up with this niffy removable cover, I’m even considering adding a pocket to the top to put my feet in, in winter, hmm I think I shall give that a coat of looking at. Lol.

Food hasnt really played a large part over the last couple of days, I’ve been living off yogurt, fruit and chicken, as they are quick and easy, in a way its been nice not having to think and plan ahead, but for a couple of days I’m sure it’s fine.

Yesterday was another busy day of crochet, I’ve managed to Finnish off a baby blanket and hat that was on order, just the jacket to make now, almost finished my daughters blanket, but definitely going to run out of wool, so she will have to wait a couple more weeks till I put another order in.

So not much to say regarding Tuesday and Wednesday, but today has been more productive in terms of meal prep and excersise, feeling very proud of today’s achievements, il tell you about that later, for now I’m going to pass out 😂 and rest..

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