Diary 24/25th September, why I watermark my photos.

Good evening Peeps.

Hope your all good.

Yesterday was a good day, ate well and kept within my calorie deficit, brekki was my usual yogurt and fruit, then it went wrong, I popped a couple of chicken breasts on to cook and totally forgot about them, they were rather burnt and very dry, so I salvaged what I could and made Neil sandwiches with them and I just chewed away on what I could took a while lol, that’s twice now iv burnt the food, so tea became a simple salad, surely I couldn’t wreck that ha ha, I must tell you about these rustic potatoes that I found in heron and at only 79p a bag, now that’s a bargain, they say spicy on them but they weren’t at all, I don’t like spicy food, love the smell just not the taste, they had a nice subtle flavour, they are low in calories and low fat so a win win, so I can have plenty, they really are worth a try, and make a change from normal chips.

I just spent yesterday working on my blanket almost finished round 9, then only another 10 rounds to go just to Finnish the center, there’s approx 4-5 rows to a round, and it’s getting rather heavy now, I’v estimated a time frame of 2yrs to complete it.

Today has been a good day, had the usual brekky and way to much coffee, lunch was a mango sauce and Yogurt salad, iv not made one of those in a while and throughly enjoyed it.

Did a little bit of online shopping and brought a fridge freezer, we’ve had the old one for quite a while now, so thought it was time for a change.

Slept very deep for 2hrs this afternoon think I was gone before my head hit the pillow, I was a bit groggy on waking this evening so thought I should stay in the kitchen while cooking the chicken tonight 🙈 really didn’t want to make it 3 days in a row of burning the chicken, yay it survived lol.

So Tonight’s tea, I just threw together, some chicken, noodles, pineapple, onion and mushrooms and cooked them in my sticky sauce, and for desert we had baked fruit.

Why I watermark

When I 1st began on my journey, I was all excited and wanted the world to know and see all the wonderful food creations that I had made from scratch, so I set up an Instagram page to show off my enthusiasm, but just 2 weeks later I had seen my pictures of my food on other people’s posts showing the recipes that they had created!!! I guess I should be flattered that they think my work is so great, ( nope it’s not I really need to work on my presentation) but yeah it was damm annoying, I really do not mind you using my recipes and pics but if you want to share them then at least give the credit back to me, in either a link or tag, I had every intention of sharing my recipes with you all, but now il just share the odd one, and the rest I’m compiling into a book.

So I’m not some stuck up selfish me me me person, I would just like the credit back after all I’m the one who spends a day in the kitchen trying out new things for you and me.

I’m off to Finnish the last round of my blanket, and order some new yarn.

Chat soon, wherever you are whatever your doing have a good day xoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    I don’t blame you, like you say acknowledgement would be the very least you should have received! You plates do, always, look beautiful though, and mouth watering 😋


    1. Exactly is not like I’m asking for money just acknowledge me, and thank you, I think im begining to present better certainly from the begining lol.


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