Housework, good day but not for food.

Hi peeps , good evening.

Just a quick one.

The day has just vanished, it’s has absolutely flown in, thought it was about time we turned the storage room into a proper bedroom, iv boxes of old school stuff and even some boxes that haven’t been unpacked since we moved in here 10yrs ago, I know I should just be brutal and say not needed it in the past, so just bin it, but no I had to look through them found some great memories, had a few giggles lol, some of those photos tho, wow did I really look like that ha ha.

The youngest cat Sophie, had an absolute blast, so many boxes and bags for her to investigate, when you bring in the shopping or get a delivery shes already trying to get in it before your hand has even reached it, she is so comical,.

Before I knew it, it was almost 4pm… I’m guessing that’s why I was hungry, as I said the day just vanished.

I’m proud of myself for not going online and ordering a take away it would have been so much easier, so food intake has not been great today, I eventually ate at 5pmish not good though I didn’t feel the hunger today, well not until now, all I had was some of those rustic slices with cottage cheese and sweet chilli and yogurt and watermelon, I did have a slice of lemon pie but defo think I earned it today.

Decided to go for a nap at 6pm, Sophie came with me as usual but thought it was great fun to jump in and out of the empty boxes, and every time I went to grab her to throw her out of the bedroom, she would run and hide under the bed, so I gave up and went back downstairs.

So not much to say today, I’m just going to have some Yogurt and fruit then head back up the wooden hills I’m shattered, but.. Note to self… Prep meals in the morning before I go back and tackle some more boxes tomorrow.

Wherever you are whatever your doing have a good day xoxo.

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