Week in view, time is moving way to fast.

Good evening peeps, hope you are all good.

I cant believe almost a week has passed since i was last on here!!, so sorry for being away so long, time scarily is passing by so so fast before we know it.

The week has been full of busy days, sleepy days, shopping, sorting out things, deliveries, accidents, infact just a crazy week lol, I have no idea what i have done on what day ha ha.

The cheese and tomato chicken that i made last week was a winner, I really will get the recipe up on line for you very soon.

So this week we had a leak in the ceiling in the kitchen after heavy rainfall, this is an ongoing problem but i pray that this last repair has sorted it once and for all, i will let you know….The kitchen needs re papering it has so many stains on it from all the leeks this year, but there is no way i am touching it now till next spring and see how we go on with the new flashing that has been installed.

Seeing as we couldn’t go away this week due to the sad demise of Thomas Cook, the money that i hadn’t changed into euros, i decided to treat myself to some new kitchen gadgets, so invested in a single under the counter freezer, it took a bit of searching to find one that would fit, but got there in the end, we only have a galley kitchen so not much space at all, also i love my water ice cold i always have a bottle or 3 in the freezer, so the main thing when looking for a new fridge was that it had a water dispenser the only thing that i want, i’m not asking a lot just a water dispenser, i have wanted one for so long, Yay I’v got my slimline fridge with a water dispenser, it arrived on Wednesday, so eager to get it up and running and enjoy that wonderful amazing ice cold water on tap, while hubby and daughter go about changing the doors around and installing it in the kitchen, im eagerly awaiting to fill the dispenser with water.

Firstly, now hubby is a stickler for health and safety, don’t use this knife or that knife, make sure the socket is off before you change the light bulb, you get my drift eh.. so we decide to drill a larger hole in the unit to put the plug through for the fridge, as its much taller the extension lead we are using is not long enough to reach the top, plus we don’t need the lead as the microwave is now in a different place, remember i said hes a stickler for H&S…. So why the hell did he cut the lead with a pair of scissors while its still plugged in and switched on!!!!! luckily the only damage done was the house went bang, the scissors blew up and the electric tripped, luckily no harm done to himself or anyone else, phew…

Yay the fridge is all installed, i have studied the instructions well for installing the dispenser, i explain what the ‘destruction’s’ (as Neil calls them) says, yeah ok you cant wiggle it, i say this is what it says, wiggle side to side and up and down and it will pop out, nope, it doesn’t, so he just pulls and oh yeah it came out, straight into his nose, with blood spurting everywhere, and my dispenser is ‘BROKE’ yep its bloody broke, i am not impressed but laugh at Neil’s war wounds serves him right for breaking my dispenser, its ok he says, i can glue it together, yes you can, but im still bloody mad… So off he pops to the shop for some superglue to repair it, I leave it overnight for the glue to set, pick it up and its falls apart… i am so not happy, so i take matters into my hand and i fix it, and 2 days later its still going strong, and can i just point out, i wiggled it back and forth, up and down and it just popped out of the door with ease, the ‘destruction’s’ were correct this time…lol..

FOOD… it hasn’t been a good week for calorie counting and spending time in the kitchen, as I have been busy, and for 2 days i really didn’t have access to the kitchen to prep, due to the flood and the fact the deliveries came on different days, so we have had take out a couple of times this week, purely due to ease, but the one thing i have found out is how ill i have felt after eating it, junk food really does play havoc with my body, and the upset tummy i have had after eating it has certainly made me think about all the crap i have put into my body over the years.

I have been trying to buy a new window blind for the kitchen from Argos, every day it has been out of stock for home delivery, so out of curiosity i put loads of random window blinds in my basket and every single one of them was out of stock for delivery but were available to collect from my nearest store, so in the end i ended up reserving them and took the long bus ride into town which cost me 3 times more than the delivery fee to go and collect it, plus the other ‘few’ things that i just had to order, ummm…. lol… while in town there was a couple of matching 3 seater sofas in the British heart foundation charity shop, when all the grand-kids are around ( all 7 of them) seating is an issue, there not really what i’m after, but they are needed, so i just had to buy them, the only downside is that i can not find any fluffy cushions that i like to go with them, so i guess more shopping is needed ha ha, I blame Argos for making me spend more money ha ha, but I don’t mind them being from a charity shop as they say charity begins at home and every little helps..

You know what? I could just go on about my week, as i said it has been so busy and full, although i do remember Tuesday I was quite tired I slept most of the morning and early afternoon just left my pjs on and decided to work another row on my blanket, setting up my CAL on you tube she said this row will take hours and hours to finish, boy she wasn’t wrong to do just one row the last one on the pic took 7hours and 20 mins in total to finish, hence i haven’t picked it up since ha ha.

I will leave the rest of the week for another time otherwise i am going to be here all night writing ha ha, for now i am going to straighten my hair with my new straighteners they are fab and i’m managing quite well with them so far.

Where ever you are what ever you are doing be happy, smile and take care xoxo

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