Happy Birthday …..

Good morning peeps hope your all good.

Well I’m officially half a century old, 50 years old, nifty at 50 they say, I guess il find out that bit later ha ha.. Also they say, that life begins at 50… But then everything starts to fall out, spread out and wear out… 😂 So I guess iv been practicing for this this the last few years 😂..

So I’m awake at 4am!!! And ironically I open a present from 2 of my grandkids which is a nightshirt with the words ‘sleep in’. Urm so if I wear this tonight will I sleep in tomorrow morning?? Maybe it’s a sign….

I also have a shiny new laptop, yay, no more lagging or crashing, it means i can blog more, update my business pages easier and upload pics in a matter of minutes instead of hours, Im guessing my old laptop was defiantly over 50 years old as it certainly was wearing out and falling apart ha ha.

Cake… I have been craving cake, especially a walnut and coffee cake, I haven’t had one of those in years I think today i shall go and hunt one down, I think i’m allowed haha, even if i’m not I am having cake, I should of been in Greece celebrating my birthday today looking forward to a seafood platter or a lamb kleftico but just as well i’m not as the weather is better here at the moment.–.

Yesterday was an emotional day as it was the 2nd anniversary of my sisters passing, after a short battle with cancer, my mother also died the day before my youngest daughters birthday, so what is all that about lol, I think they are making sure that we never forget them, which certainly is typical of them both ha ha.

For now i am going to wake everyone up, I want to go Christmas shopping today and finish off another grandchild’s gifts, I have done 3 grand kids so far all wrapped and sent on.

Happy Birthday to me and everyone out there that shares a Birthday with me, enjoy your day xoxo 🎉🎂🥳

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! My present to you is this Kleftiko recipe, it’s tried and tested – i personally vouch for it as does my family 🙂 https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2016/aug/18/how-to-cook-the-perfect-kleftiko
    It’s not hard to do, and it tastes YUMMY! A little taste of Greece when in ‘sunny’ UK.


    1. Thank you I have saved this one, I love watching Rick stein too, I have a Vefas kitchen book to that is awesome, and thank you x


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