Weight Gain….uh oh, birthday and decisions.

Good Morning peeps.

Brrr its getting chilly now in the mornings, it really does feel as though winter is on its way, although this morning is not as cold as the pass 2 mornings, but defiantly time to put on those winter pj’s, I had my best sleep last night in ages only woke up twice for the loo, I slept somewhere from just past 10pm till 6.45am so feeling a lot more determined today.

I had a good day yesterday for my birthday and i also found out that I share my share my birthday with a fellow blogger @jmarie1974 she always has some great tips and is very honest in her weight loss journey, definitely someone to follow.

Over the past few weeks I have gained 2kgs approx 4.4lbs, I did expect some weight gain as i have been busy and not had time to cook proper meals, there have been a few takeaways as well, but i’m not worried as i will be back on track today.

Yesterday I ate loads of chocolate and cake, oh my gosh, the toll it has taken on my body, the feeling of sluggishness and a sore upset tummy, it was just how i felt before i began my weight-loss journey, high fat, high calorific foods really are bad for you in my opinion, the way i have been feeling over the last few weeks is horrendous, I am not going back down that route again.

I didn’t manage to find a coffee and walnut cake so opted for a walnut cake and a coffee choux bun, which i enjoyed tremendously but i have had them now and they are out of my system i don’t need them again.. On saying that though, there is still an unopened carrot cake another of my favorites, but i will have it at some point, but be very strict and cut and weigh it and have it within my caloric deficit. I also have another gift arriving today that i have been told isn’t diet friendly, but i will enjoy it, in moderation, also some new yarn, i’m looking forward to starting more blankets, I aim to have a hand made blanket on every bed in the house, just like ours grandmothers would have had, i just love the thought of my grand-kids snuggling down under one of nanny’s blankets just like i did.

I also went Christmas shopping yesterday just for stocking fillers and came across some cookie jars, I already had the penguin one, but just needed to get the rest of the collection, I’m not sure this hobby is going to be diet friendly lol, but I am determined to leave the cookies in the jar for when the kiddies come up at Christmas.

My lovely cookie jar collection I have began.

We had an Indian meal last night for my birthday, its been ages since iv had an Indian i forgot just how nice the local tandoori is, we decided to eat in rather than go to the restaurant for a couple of reasons, 1 it was raining and blowing a gale and 2 i didn’t have the energy to get dressed up, I was very happy to stay in my pj’s on the sofa with my food. Neil cleared away the mess in the kitchen, upon opening the fridge i didn’t realize just how much food was left, that was my cue to go to bed, I think Neil and Olivia will have plenty of food for lunch and tea tonight ha ha, I also found poppadoms and Nan breads as well in the oven, time for me to head to the kitchen and prep some healthy meals for me today lol.

Please note the healthy food above and from the middle to the left ha ha.

I also have one other dilemma, I am making a ball gown, it will be pink and gold, I already have the gold organza for the frills for the underskirt and i have the overlay which is a beautiful gold organza Indian floral fabric, what i cant decide is should i buy the plain tulle which is stiff or the shimmer tulle which is softer for the underskirt, the plain will give more volume but also be heavier or should i go for a softer lighter approach and build up to the fullness, this will entail using much much more tulle, oh decisions decisions, also do i want a satin skirt over the underskirt with just the overlay or just put the overlay over the underskirt…wish i could be less decisive lol.

So this is my first blog from my new laptop, and oh it has been so much easier to write ha ha, wherever you are, whatever your doing, smile at the person next to you and be happy. xoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    new laptops are great aren’t they! so speedy!!! loving your cookie jar collection – they are so cute :). Isn’t it weird how we eat rubbish for ages, don’t notice too much of a problem, a bit of sluggishness maybe, a need for antacids in my case as well, but that’s just par for the course, UNTIL we start to eat healthily, and then bam! how did we cope with this before :D. Moderation definitely sounds like the key :). I’m so impressed you can make ball gowns! I tried to make a skirt once, I broke two sewing machines :(, gave up after that. I think the best thing I ever did (without my Nan) was a cushion cover, and that was by hand, so not entirely neat :D. Thanks for the mention and words, that was so lovely 🙂


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