Back on track and back in the kitchen, catch-up from the past couple of days.

Oh my it feels so good to be back in the kitchen, I really have missed it, more than I thought I had , as usual I was up at the crack of dawn, so got down to prepping while knocking back my morning coffee’s. It hasn’t been an easy day I have had horrendous cravings for sweetness, there has been a lot of deep breathing going on, I didn’t realize just how bad sugar withdrawal is, it’s quite terrifying really, to help ease the withdrawal I made a cup of options hot chocolate and I will have another one later if its required.

  • Today’s lunch was one of my fruity salads, I had forgot just how good they are, It is a mix of Greek yogurt, Mango chutney, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries, melon, orange, egg whites and cottage cheese with sweet chili sauce, yummy.
  • Calories : 289
  • Fat : 1 gram
  • Carbs : 39 grams
  • Protein : 28 grams
  • This evenings tea was a Chicken Breast stuffed with light mozzarella cheese, cooked in a honey and soy sauce, with roasted mushrooms, broccoli, carrots and leeks.
  • Calories : 304
  • Fat : 5 grams
  • Carbs : 19 grams
  • Protein : 45 grams
Neil’s chicken was also stuffed with chorizo and peppers.

Desert will be baked fruit and yogurt when i get around to making it lol.

Thursday saw the arrival of a couple more gifts, so restarting the healthy eating plan went out of the window again, i did share the cookie, but it wouldn’t have kept for ever so we sort of demolished it over the past couple of days. I also received a couple of bags of yarn, and immediately began creating with them, I currently have 3 WIPS ( work in progress), so that is 3 blankets on the go, mine which iv given myself a timescale of 2 yrs to finish, 1 which is for Olivia and the other for one of the spare beds.

Yesterday Friday, myself and Olivia headed off on the train to Carlisle in search of cushions, very unsuccessful again, I finally found some that i am happy with online, and also to do a primark haul of winter clothes that also was very unsuccessful as we only came out with a pair of jeans, nightshirt, t-shirt and underwear, I don’t get to the city often so usually bulk buy but turned out to be a very inexpensive trip,something I am definitely not used to ha ha, apart from when we went to Lush but Lush doesn’t count on the purse strings, shower gels and bath bombs are a necessity ha ha.

I am off to to make a fruit pudding and work on a blanket, not sure which one yet tho.

So I shall bid you all goodnight, and wherever you are, whatever your doing smile and be happy xoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Wow!! Busy, busy! And so right lush stuff is a definite necessity đŸ˜‚

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