Sunday 13th October 2019. A good lazy day.

Today has been a good day, it’s Sunday so it means Sunday Dinner, I just did a roast chicken, veggies and mash, I really enjoyed it, Sundays are my days to enjoy my roasts I certainly will not be giving those up lol.

Iv had quite a Lazy day just lounging around crocheting, conserving my energy for tomorrow lol, iv 2 medicals this week, iv had a reprieve for 2 weeks as I was supposed to be away, but I wasn’t ringing them up to tell them I hadn’t gone, it’s been nice not being pricked and poked for a while ha ha.

I have my very own cat burglar living in my home, I have no idea Where’s shes getting it from, but every night when it’s dark, she comes home with a length of insulation, the type that you put around your doors and windows, so apologies if she is stealing from your actual frames lol. Sophie also thinks she’s a dog I’m sure of it, she plays fetch and loves to hide her toys, tonight Neil got 3 pieces of insulation from under the sofa, so no idea when she brought those ones in or hid them, she really is a crazy kitty and loves to torment her older brother spooky, she’s forever jumping on top of him from a height I dread to think what condition his heart is in 😂

I also found these rice cakes in lidl, out of the adults and babies, the babies had the least amount of calories and fat, and were also the tastiest, apart from the blueberry and Yogurt ones in the grown up section but the problem I have with those is that I can’t just have the 1… The baby ones are so low in calories and fat, that I can have a full packet in one go, but they are 2 sweet to eat in 1 sitting, by sucking the flavour off them gives me the sugar kick that I’m craving at the moment, I would definitely recommend trying them.

Time for me to get ready for bed, early start in the morning, wherever you are whatever your doing have a good day xoxo

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