Diary 22/10/19 Food and Peacocks!!!

Good evening all hope your doing good.

Today has been an odd sort of day, im praying this HRT kicks in soon, emotions are all over the place, seriously this Mother Nature person really does need to do one, I know I go on about her but geez go away please.

Managed to get out for a little toddle again, I think we hit 3 shops, well that does sound about right we don’t really have any shops here lol.

A couple more christmas presents got, 4 of the grandkids are finished just 3 more to finnish,luckily it’s just bits of stocking fillers to get.

How do women with long nails type, this is torture lol, olivia treated me acrylics, geez this is hard work, the amount of miss types is crazy, last night i nearly through my phone threw the window, tonight well that’s another story ha ha, but seriously any tips, apart from cut them off would be great ha ha.

Tonight’s Dinner was Light Mozzarella wedged between 2 pork loin steaks topped with a spicy mango and pineapple smash, served with butternut squash, broccoli,cauliflower,mushrooms and carrots roasted in a honey and soy sauce.

Desert was a cheats trifle that i made, at only 150 calories per serving!!! I just need to tweak it a little to get it where im happy with it, it contained strawberry jelly, satsumas, custard, butterscotch dessert topping and banana. ( I need to try a different brand of custard).

I forgot to mention, last Monday coming out of the doctors was an amazing site, walking up the road was a family of 7 peacocks, iv never seen such a site, by the time i had got my phone out to film them they were on there jaunt, according to the locals this is a daily occurrence they go for the same walk every day, I was mesmerised by them lol.

I will bid you goodnight and chat soon, wherever you are, whatever your doing, smile xoxo

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