Good Morning. Hello.

Good morning peeps, hope you are all good?

I’ve had a good night’s sleep but could have slept more, but that’s the cats fault she insisted that it was playtime, at 6am, to wake me up she sneaks under the covers and starts licking my feet and legs, yuk, it’s not a nice feeling, but this to her means it’s time to get up and play, I come downstairs and she has a mad half hour running around, diving on and over the furniture skidding through her play tent, that was the best Β£4.99 iv ever spent on the cats lol, You really could watch her for hours and laugh, she is certainly an entertainer ha ha.

Today is my daughters 30th birthday and her daughters 1st birthday, she wanted to make sure that she shared her special day with her mummy, when we received the phone call at 8.30pm to say she thinks her waters have broken, I was like ok ring the hospital, then ring your husband (he was away at work a long way away), ring the childminder to come over, she is known for her very quick labours, lucky thing, she rang back to say the hospital said come in at 2pm tomorrow if you havent gone into labour, yeah ok this baby will be here in a couple of hours, we were laughing at home about what was said, Neil said its a Girl ( we didn’t know the sex), I said I bet its born at 11.59pm, Olivia being Olivia said I bet its born in the toilet πŸ˜‚. You really couldn’t make it up, hubby arrived home at 11.30pm to take her to the hospital, they arrived at 11.50pm and went straight to maternity she was bursting for the loo ( we know that feeling eh ladies lol), a midwife took her to the toilet and out popped baby while sat on the toilet ( good job there was a midwife present), it was a Girl, born at 11.59pm on the toilet!!! seriously tho you really couldn’t write it ha ha, I’m so looking forward to telling her all about it when she’s older, we often talk about our predictions and how errie it was was, but wow what a story to tell her.

It’s now 9.30am, Iv prepped my fruit and salad snack boxes ready for the day ahead, and am now off to get dressed to try and dismantle these kitchen appliances, the new ones are arriving this afternoon, so wish me luck im going to need it haha.

I will chat to you later, wherever you are whatever your doing smile and enjoy the rest of your day xoxo

Sophie the crazy cat lol

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  1. meenawalia says:

    Lovely…can I bribe u to predict something good for me

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    1. lol, I predict you will always be happy and loved

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      1. meenawalia says:

        Aww…u r a sweetheart ❀


  2. jmarie1974 says:

    i love watching kitties play! i miss my Splodge, he’s the dopiest cat you’ve ever known, with a thing for rolled up socks and sweety papers. When we moved our of our rental into our own home, we left the cat along with the two girls there! He remains a very spoilt and coddled animal :D. WOW, you really couldn’t make all that up about your daughter and granddaughter! how lovely though that they share a birthday πŸ™‚

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