Good Morning World, DIY fun haha

I have been trying to write this blog since Thursday night, but fatigue and nausea have taken over me, along with confusion ( i had no idea how to write in a straight line)🤦‍♀️ and a banging head, but the ringing in the ears is driving me crazy it’s been a week now, I knew this was coming Im lucky enough to know the warning signs most of the time…

Anyhow grab your coffee, tea, wine, beer, juice, pop, water or whichever drink i have forgotten haha and join me while i try and tell you about the antics of fitting new kitchen appliances. 🤣

Thursday: Yay new appliances arriving today… There really easy to fit, so im told, just slot and plug in and hey your ready to go, easy right? Nopeeee…

Confession: Neil did most of the work I was just the lacky awaiting commands ha ha.

Here goes, lets take out the oven first as it’s the heaviest, unplug from the unit below and just pull out, yep great, its coming out really easy, but god its bloody heavy, then jolt, its stuck its not moving any further forward, were pulling and pulling but nope it’s well and truly stuck, after trying to move around each other (it’s a small galley kitchen not much room to move around each other, let alone with an oven half way out of it unit). After managing somehow to look behind it, we can see the plug is stuck between the wall and the unit, its is not budging at all, it wont pull down so we can remove the plug, and it certainly won’t pull up, even doing my best She Ra impression it is not going to move, cutting a long hour long story short we ended up having to chip away at the plaster a bit, ok a lot but hey yep it’s now free, all we have to do is get into next doors shed ready for the landlord to collect, (he want its for spares), Ok so all we need to do is get it out of its hole, onto the hob, sideways past the fridge without scratching it, around a slight bend, forwards and out the back door, it was like a scene from the chuckle brothers, to you, to me, to me to you, now just down a couple of steps and into the shed YaY its in, geez I think it was made with lead, it was so damn heavy.

Next let’s take out the hob, we don’t want the extractor to fall on it and shatter glass everywhere, that’s really easy to get out, just disconnect from underneath, lift and remove again easy right? Nopeeee. The disconnection was so straightforward as it should be, now just to loosen the sealant used t set in to the unit, beeping eck how much sealant has been used? there must of been tubes of it, so here we are with knives on either side of the hob digging out hard white stuff, hey a bit of movement let’s give it a lift, yep it’s almost free then crack, a wonderful pretty triangle appears, ummm don’t think the landlord is having the hob now, although the triangle does look rather pretty… We decide to leave it in its hole and remove the extractor fan, at least if it falls it’s not going to damage the cupboard below or damage the hob now 🤦‍♀️, I think we managed that 🤣

Removing the extractor was relatively easy, after we found the brackets on the wall behind the unit, so just need to take it outside remove it from the unit and give the unit a good scrub, luckily that part only took about an hour!!!

Everything is removed from the kitchen, time to take a break, have a sandwich, coffee and cigarette (yes I know bad habit) I do have everything in place to quit smoking I just need to find a quit day that is the part i am struggling with, There’s another hour before the new appliance arrive according to the app, Just sit down and they arrive, quickly wolf down food and drink I’m all excited to get the new stuff in and start cooking 😊 so here I go tearing of the wrapping like a small child on christmas morning 🎁

The oven was a piece of cake, the delivery driver carried it in single handed, even i could lift it, I was truly shocked at how light it was, especially with how heavy the old one was, I was a bit worried I would have no energy left to try and hoist it up into the cupboard, the oven was a breeze Im looking forward to trying it out.

Next the extractor needs fitting, really don’t want it falling down on the hob, again an easy job? Nopee.. It’s not wall mountable it’s designed to fit between 2 cupboards, I suppose that’s my fault as it did say it in the description, but i just assumed it would easily fit in the single unit, after many coats of looking at there was no way it could be wall mounted without lots of work, so the simple thing was to just return it and order a different one, this time though i made sure I got advice from Neil, I guess i need to ask for opinions sometimes and not put it all on me lol Im starting to think I don’t know it all haha. So we packaged it all back up and returned it and the new one arrived saturday afternoon and its fits.. Yay.. just needed it cutting down a bit as we have a low ceiling, on friday we dug about and found a little bit of the left over wallpaper, so neil covered up the unsightly brickwork from the old extractor space.

Next the hob to go in, that’s really straight forward you just slot it in, connect the wires, seal it and turn on and hey presto i have a new fandangled touch screen hob, Yay.. all mod cons for me i must be going up in the world haha. Drum Roll please here’s the moment of truth, the excitement is building Neil flick that one switch on the wall… Here is goes finger on the switch…. Press… Nothing… absolutely Nada, Zilch not a beep or a flicker of a light, what the heck, is the power on? yep lights are on, do the sockets work?, yep kettle is working, so we lift it out and check the wiring is correct, yep its correct, even consulting google to make sure the wires are in the correct way, as its an old wiring with the black and red wires, yep there in the correct place, ok let’s try this again, nope nothing, lift out again, check diagram on bottom of hob, remove wires place them back in same place ensuring they are nice and tight, this goes on for about an hour, then we spot these gold pieces of metal stuck to the side of the electrics, what are they for?, Your probably thinking why not just look in the instruction booklet? simple it will say everything in there right? Wrong.. the problem was, there were no pictures in the rather thick booklet and absolutely nothing in English, except on the front cover to say instructions, ummm time to consult my friend google again!!! he always has the answers, good ole google you can always get the answer from him, so I give him the make and model number but he cant find it, he doesn’t know the answer, google you have let me down, he finds similar models so i download all the info, sit with many coffees ands cigs reading up on all the info he has given me, but the wiring is the same, nearly 2 hours pass and all we are doing is scratching our heads, and have come to the conclusion that the hob is faulty and we will have to send that back as well, Im feeling rather deflated and exhausted at this point, it’s now 7pm and we’ve been at this kitchen lark since 10am. Iv no hob to cook tea on and im not even attempting to read the book on how to use the oven, picking up my mobile I click the delivery icon and pizza is on its way.

While waiting for the pizza to arrive I decided to click through some more of the links to the hob, and EUREKA I come across a user manual for the hob, It can’t download quick enough, now im excited maybe it’s not broken, maybe i will hear the beep of it turning on and see the red lights flashing before my eyes.

Remember the pieces of gold metal we found? well they needed placing between the wires and screws, as I wait with anticipation Neil follows the guide in the manuel, slots it back in place, I watch with bated breath as his finger heads towards the power switch, and click he flicks the switch….OH MY GOD…YAY… the hob beeps and is lit up with red flashing lights… It’s not broken, I don’t need to return it, It Works, it bloody Works, one very happy lady and one relieved stressed man, if only it showed it on the diagram it would be sorted hours ago…

Now I eat my pizza happy, and slink of to bed very happy indeed, ok so there’s still the extractor but the new one is much nicer and looks great, the only thing for the kitchen is new cupboard fronts and decorating, but im not decorating until winter is over and I know that the leak has definitely been fixed this time.

I took screen shots of the appliances as all you could see was me in my nighty in the reflection (not a good look on a sunday morning lol).

Its now Sunday morning and several coffees later and a couple of hours later writing this blog, ( once my flare subsides I will be able to write quicker), I am going to test out the appliances, with some help until im strong enough to work alone again lol.

Wherever you are whatever your doing enjoy the rest of your day and smile xoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Wow, that sounded way too energetic! Pleased it’s all up and running now 😊


    1. Sorry for the late reply, fatigue has won the battle these last few days, but im looking forward to finally testing them out today.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jmarie1974 says:

    fingers crossed 🙂


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