Good Morning Peeps, Winter has arrived.

Good morning peeps, Yep winter is finally on its way, it’s lovely and chilly this morning, im loving seeing the frost sparkle on the greenhouse, it’s so pretty, I managed to get out to the shops last night, I awoke about 4pm and felt I needed some air, I didn’t get to walk, but it was lovely to breathe in some cold icy air, it is certainly starting to smell like Christmas, doesn’t the smell make you feel good when you take in a deep breath. I wish the cold weather liked me, I would love to walk through a pile of leaves kicking them and hear them crunching under my feet, unfortunately the cold makes my pain so bad, but im hoping the year i will have days when i can fight against the cold and pain just to have a few minutes of pleasure.

Plans for today: I still havent had the chance to use the oven and hob properly so this morning im off to play with it, I need to make 2 pans of soup, 1 for me an neil and the other for olivia, Il put olivia’s in the slow cooker then she can season it when she gets home tonight, she likes her food quite spicy, thats a no for me lol.

I’m off to play in the kitchen now, incase i end up back in bed, feeling okish at the moment so going to make the best of it, have a good day all.

wherever you are whatever your doing smile xoxo.

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