29/10/19 food update diary.

Good Morning Peeples

Hello there, yesterday started off really good, then i was thrown out of keel, I began with my usual fruit and yogurt, then plans to make a couple of pans of veggie soup, Id prepped olivias and put it in the slow cooker for when she got home, then had a phone call saying the mother in law was on her way for lunch, so that meant a quick run to the supermarket for more chicken, also that tea would now turn into lunch and lunch into tea, it was easier to throw together a meal that i already knew how to cook, so it was the usual mozzarella stuffed chicken.

From there it went down hill, desert was a large slice of carrot cake, it was very yummy though, then the fatigue kicked in, I had, had a good walk well what was good for me, and with not being able to rest in between prepping, and not being good at the moment, it hit me like the back end of a bus.

With no energy to do anything, dinner became ginger ice cream and not the healthy kind and a couple of biscuits with hot chocolate, but im learning not to feel disappointed.

Today my plans are to make a pot of black peas and bacon, and just tuck into that all day, warming comfort food, but at least the black peas are healthy and low calorie, I have to have my black peas brought up to me from Manchester as i can not get them anywhere up here, i also think im on my last bag, so had better get an order in with my daughter ha ha.

So for now im going to make another coffee and check i definitely have a bag of peas lol.

Wherever you are, whatever your doing have a great day an smile xoxo

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