Diary Update for 30/10/19

Good Morning peeps.

It’s a cold white frosty morning today, so thought i would give you a little update on yesterday while sipping on my cadburys fudge highlights hot chocolate, today will be a kitchen day to keep warm lol.

Yesterday was not a bad day, I made a large pot of black peas and bacon, and happily ate away at those throughout the day, i will admit i had a couple of chews, i forgot how much i enjoyed them, old sweets from times gone by, i don’t usually have sweets in there just for the trick or treaters, we live away from the main housing area in town, so don’t really get many children visiting,if any, but the 1 year we decided not to buy any treats we were inundated with children lol, so i pray they arrive tonight so i don’t eat all the sweets myself lol.

I managed a slight walk, but brr it was chilly in the shade but lovely and warm in the sun, so lots of crossing streets to make sure we stayed in the sunshine, i can’t even remember where we went lol, I think it was just to the shops as my purse is empty ha ha.

I was very tired so i know that i did lots of sleeping, the cold makes it more painful and i have to fight harder, so exhaustion and fatigue sets in quite quickly.

Last night i finished another hat, these are quick to finish normally but this one has taken me a few days to complete, hopefully the next one will only take a couple of hours.

I don’t really have much to say for yesterday, it was a quiet day, but with today being Samhain/Halloween I am off to make some healing energy soup, I will pop the recipe on here later for you all.

Wherever you are whatever your doing smile xoxo

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