A Dodgy Ticker Now, Whats Next.?? Diary Update 09/11/19

Hi, peeps hope your all doing well?

I can’t say the same for me, this ole ticker is playing up, thursday night was a bit of a shock, the pain was excruciating in my chest, my heart felt like it was coming out of not just my chest but also my neck, arms and head, the nausea was awful, think i may have felt better if i could have just been sick, being so flushed and light headed is not a good feeling at all, but all is not lost, its seems I may not have had a heart attack!!! but may have a virus (isn’t that what they always say when an illness is unknown..) I have to have a 24 hour ECG to find out if anything dodgy is going on in there, don’t know when yet, but obviously not that serious if there not rushing.

“Sorry, you’ve got a dodgy ticker.” Image from Google.

I got home yesterday afternoon and promptly went to bed exhausted, then had a stress free night online christmas shopping,,, ummm not sure what is stress free about that, but at least i was resting lol.

Had a bit of a rough night again, these palpitations and chest pains have been waking me up quite a bit, I’m not really sure how much more my body can take, I think it is almost wiped out, I seriously need to be given back my mojo if you find it, please send it home.. Thank you..

Image from Google.

I had to be up early this morning, due to my daughter going away, hopefully I can bring good news on that tomorrow.. I managed to get a few nice pictures of the morning sky, although my phone doesnt show just how lovely the sky looked, these were taken about 7.15am just after she left.

So today Saturday was a rest day, I only prepped a salad, you would have thought id run a bloody marathon, so again cooking was out of the question, iv just been nibbling really, some healthy some unhealthy, did a bit more online xmas shopping, not really stress free tho, but not to bad as i sort of knew what i wanted, though not sure my bank account wanted it haha, only managed to wrap a couple of things as its quite painful to lean over, so I let neil finish it, ( don’t tell him but his wrapping was nicer than mine ) I’ve been in some positions trying to write this I just can’t get comfy, it doesn’t seem to matter what i do it’s just so bloody painful everywhere.

Ok so that’s enough self pity from me, though I think im entitled it must be a whole 5 mins since i last felt sorry for myself 🤣

I hope your all having a good weekend, for me I thinking and hoping i may be more comfy in my bed, so I will bid you all good night.

Wherever you are, whatever your doing smile, till next time xoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Oh hun, that sounds awful 😥


    1. It’s just bloody one thing after another, my Dr said I’m special and spoilt as I just have a bit of everything lol, I did ask the nurse if she could order me a new body on line tho, 😂😂

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