Proud Mummy Alert !!!

Evening all, hope youve had a good day?

I can now share with you the good news that i mentioned last night, and yep it’s been a bit of a stressful day, as mummys its always stressful when waiting on news from our kids.

Well i can now tell you my youngest baby is traveling 3364 miles away from home to go work in Pennsylvania USA, at a summer camp for adults with special needs, we couldn’t be more proud of her, but does this mean she is no longer our little baby? she will only be 19 years old, it’s going to be so strange having no kids at home., boo hoo, but for her this is the start of her life into adulthood, and ours into old age ha ha.

We cant wait for her to get home tomorrow, and begin making plans for her travels around the USA next year, ( I think im a tad more excited than she is ha ha), Im making plans and she just wants a shower and her bed ha ha.

For food today we had a lovely pork diner, I cooked it in honey, mustard and chopped apples, it was amazing, with bacon fried veggies, and I havnt done much as im still on rest.

We have my father in laws funeral on thursday so i need to rest to make sure I can attend, which of course i will however ill i am, my brother in law is coming up to drive us down as it will take place a few hours away from where we live.

So I shall say goodnight for now, im off to do some research on the areas she is going after this camp finishes, there is so much out there now, im excited, can you tell ha ha.

So only a quick chat tonight, wherever you are, whatever your doing smile and take care XOXO

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    What a lovely thing for your daughter to be doing 😃 you must be so proud.


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