Afternoon Nap Confusion. Monday afternoon diary.

Good evening hope you’ve all had a nice day?

Well the temperature didn’t rise despite the sunshine, even at 1pm some of the roofs were still glistening white, so we made the decision not to venture out today, thinking practically it would have been to exhausting and way to painful, I do feel a bit piddled off a bit as i really have the urge to get outside, but i have appointments wednesday and thursday so i guess i should conserve as much energy as i can for then.

So today was another lazy day, for breakfast i just had my usual yogurt honey and fruit, I can’t remember if i had lunch lol, tea was left over chicken from yesterday with oven chips and a bit of gravy, i think the gravy always tastes better the following day when all the flavours have mingled, now im getting hungry again thinking about food, hopefully i sleep better tonight and then i can get stuck into the kitchen, we have a lot of veggies that are going to spoil soon if i don’t get to use them up.

As you know i’ve had a couple of restless nights so took myself off to bed for an afternoon nap, it took me an hour to get off even though i was tired, i think i was so over tired that i couldn’t switch off.

I remember looking at my phone and it said 2.15pm the next thing i know im panicking turning over to feel for neil he’s not there, then i was so confused as to where i was, my heart was racing, the room was pitch black i reach for my phone it says, 4.30pm, bloody eck have i slept all day, iv totally missed a whole day that hasn’t happened for a while, and it’s saturday!!!, i was so confused and full of fear, i heard olivia talking and wondered what she was doing home at this time on a saturday, rushing down stairs in my best fashion id almost reached the bottom of the 2nd flight when i came to, i guess i finally woke up, my heart was still racing so i headed to the kitchen to flop onto the chair for a nicotine fix, what a horrible feeling it was waking up like, complete with a not so nice dream. Phew im coming around fully now….

Image from google….. This was me at 4.30pm today lol

Well i’ve been chatting to a fellow blogger, for a few weeks and its uncanny just how much we have in common from being on the same weightloss journey to even sharing the same birthday, so @Trying to lose @jmarie1974 this picture is just for you…..🤣 🎄 🤶

I spent the evening putting away my washing and having a good clean out of my makeup and handbag, mine is definitely one of those handbags that contains everything except the kitchen sink haha, my main handbag now just contains a packet of tissues, a pen, a lip balm and my purse, well it does this evening im not sure what it will look like come the end of the week though, well now my other 3 mainish handbags well il not even go into what is in them ha ha, all in all its not been a bad day.

So my friends it is now 10.55pm and i am going to bid you all goodnight.

wherever you are whatever your doing, smile and stay safe XOXO

Image from google

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Luckily, working from home, so when i burst out laughing, no one was around to think I’d lost the plot! Great pic – thank you 😀
    I purposely have small handbags, thoughts are fags, lighter, phone, purse and keys, and like you now it’s time for packet of tissues and lip balm. And yet…. I can NEVER find a single thing I’m looking for!
    Cat is so relateable – that’s me first thing every morning 😀
    What a sleep, you must have needed it though, and as for the walking, what a shame, it’s so frustrating when you really want to, but are stopped for one reason or another, but like you say, it’s probably best to conserve your energy 🙂

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