I’m Growing Real Feathers. lol.19/11/19. Diary

Good evening all you lovely peeps around the world.

Goodness it was cold last night, after this blog i am going to plug in my electric blanket ready for nighs nighs time, I could see my breath when i went to bed last night, you could have mistaken me for an ice breathing dragon, with certain parts continuously standing to attention, which is not good and can become painful when placed next to moving nightwear….. We don’t have heating on the top floor, so if it stays like this over the next few days i think it will be time to plug in the portable heater, it doesn’t really warm the room up but it does take the chill off a tad, we manage fine with the heated blanket and heater, plus Neil is like a walking, talking sauna, which is fine on cold nights, but not in the summer, you will often hear me saying, get your hands off me, move away ha ha, he just gets close now on purpose im sure of it lol.

Today hasnt been so bad, I was up and on the ball this morning, I made another chicken recipe ( in blog before this one), seriously I’m going to start looking like a chicken soon, oh no, .iv just realised, i thought i was growing extra facial hairs for the winter, but now thinking about it ( studying my face hard in the mirror), its feathers, I’m growing blinking feathers, oh well i suppose they will come in handy to help me keep warm this winter……So this fuzzy stuff that’s sprouting out of my legs is feathers real fluffy feathers, I guess it could be worse i could be growing gills , yep i had better stay off the fish for a while or it could get a tad chilly….🐟 or i could even have an inkling to dive into the sea and become someones fish finger…

As per instructed, I headed off to bed this afternoon for a nap, I must say although i am spending less time in the kitchen at the moment, i am tiring more, I am putting this down to the cold weather and the fact iv had a crap few months illness wise, although its expected it does get to me sometimes, but hey im me I always bounce back when i can.

Anyway enough with the morbidity, I’m just feeling rather tired not miserable at the moment, how has your day been? do you have any plans?, For me it’s an early night, keep your fingers crossed for me, I have had my meds early so hopefully they will be kicking in soon, We have to be up and out early, the only problem with that is iv ran out of travel sickness pills, at least on the way home i can pop to the chemist and pick some more up.

Now then, travel sickness, I had it pretty bad as a child, but outgrew it in my late teens, but for some reason it obviously missed me and came back last year with a vengeance, I guess it wasn’t happy to be dumped, and now its paying me back for all the those years i left it behind…

So peeps not much to tell really, it’s just been a normal everyday kinda day, i will bid you all goodnight, and go turn on my blanket for an hour so it’s nice and toasty when i get in it.

Wherever you are whatever your doing, smile and stay safe XOXO.

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Oh my word! That’s way too cold for a bedroom! I’d be setting up a bed in the kitchen! Apparently ginger helps with travel sickness, ginger beer maybe? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. unfortunately I hate ginger, we have crystallized ginger in the house and ginger ale, although i do love dunking a packet of ginger nut biscuits in a cup of coffee lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jmarie1974 says:

        🤣 maybe the gingernuts will work!

        Liked by 1 person

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