Diary update 20/11/19. Beauty Guinea Pig….

Good evening all you wonderful peeps, how are you all today?

I don’t really have much to say, as this morning was really busy, well for me it was, to some of you it would probably be just a normal day, as it once was for me.

Boy was it baltic out there this morning, I felt as though i was constantly being slapped around the face by some frozen fishies…Lol…

I needed to go to college to be a guinea pig for my daughter for her to pass her ‘formative’ i think it’s called, please correct me if im wrong, she’s not in the room to ask, the college is situated on top of a hill above the ocean and jeez the wind was biting, it was like stepping into the antarctic, although i must point out i’ve never been to the antarctic, it’s just how i imagine it to be though, but probably more colder than i experienced today.

I finally have eyebrows, they’ve always be fair, or now grey and not really visible but libs has tinted them for me, I’m thinking of going much darker now, I quite like them, although i didn’t enjoy having them plucked ouch, waxing is bad enough, but plucking, nope didn’t like it, im a bit of a coward, she also tinted my lashes, I quite like the look of them, at least i don’t need to apply mascara for a while, not that i wear much makeup these day, i don’t go out much in the winter, and in summer it just melts from my face lol, although looking at my makeup bags you would wonder why i have so much of it.

We popped into asda on the way back to pick up a couple of items, and ended up buying a pizza for tea, once again tea was cremated, i looked at one point and it was nowhere near done, the next go off its black, but it did taste good though, I know not healthy at all, but once again a convenience food!!!, I will have to take more care with the oven, i’ve been using an oven for the past few years that took ages to cook, i.e nearly an hour for a pizza because the door didn’t close properly, but this new one seems to have super powers, blink and it’s cooked ha ha.

Tomorrow is another busy day, its GP time at 9.30am then iv a visitor im meeting for the 1st time, that is another story,(very interesting), then off to the next town to hospital to be fitted with my ECG monitor in the afternoon, I’m thinking i will be asleep by early evening, I’m absolutely exhausted now and today was nowhere near as busy as the next 2 days will be.

Well peeps through lots of yawning and watery tired eyes I shall bid you goodnight , I’m off for a wash and to put on my night clothes, I haven’t decided if im going to venture back downstairs to the tv, or head up the stairs to bed.

Wherever you are, whatever your doing smile and stay safe and warm XOXO

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Sounds like a lovely treat and a benefit to your daughter šŸ˜Š. Good luck with a busy day.


  2. meenawalia says:

    Good night dear.sweet dreams


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