Christmas Day N01 Cakes and Disasters haha

Good Morning Peeps.

Oh My Goodness, I didn’t realise I had been away from you for sooo long, time really does fly by.

Iv been in a whirlwind of medical appointments,( will talk about them at a later date when i get all my results back), this is a happy blog, sleeping, baking and prepping for Christmas no 1, and Christmas nos 2+3.

Baking…Round 1 of the cakes… I began by trying… to make low fat cakes, so I could share with you, I separated the mixture and colored it with festive food colouring in red, green and gold. I have never used a silicone mould before so after the reading the instructions I carefully popped layers of mixture into each Christmas themed mold and proudly popped them in the oven, they looked absolutely great when cooked, feeling very accomplished oohing and ahhing feeling excited to decorate my master pieces and show you all, well now, here comes the time to remove the wonderful springy cakes, OK so I didn’t do very well taking that one out, it’s a tad broken in fact it’s a heap of crumbs so is the next one and the one after that, you get my drift… They are stuck well and truly to the mould, back to reading the instructions where have I gone wrong? I’m sure it didn’t say you had to grease the mould 1st, yep, I’m correct in black and white before my eyes it definitely says NO NEED TO GREASE Before, THESE MOULDS ARE NON Stick… Well honey someone needs to get back to the drawing board coz these moulds sure do stick, gutted these cakes were just a heap of crumbs..

Round 2.. 2nd batch of mixture made, this time I will use normal bun cases, no fear of them sticking to the sides, I carefully place the tray on top of the pan on the hob, the only space available as I’m also making tea and the oven is in use at the moment, What the eck is that sound? A clacking, I turn around just in time to see the whole tray of cakes land face down on the kitchen floor, goo everywhere, is someone somewhere telling me ‘girl you ain’t no good at baking’… It certainly feels it..

Round 3.. This time nothing will go wrong, I will take great care ensuring that there are No obstacles in my way, (start singing now lol) Yay, they are safely in the oven and upon peeking they look great are rising really well, yes I have perfectly wonderful buns ohh I’m looking forward to decorating these, OMG they taste discussing 3 attempts and yuk, so I have resolved myself to making ‘normal’ cakes, I will certainly be working on a low fat cake recipe next year.. Wow almost next year, goodness I think I blinked and missed most of 2019. For now I am going to make normal 😂 cakes for Christmas, when you look at the pics please bear in mind I am definitely No Artist, in fact this is my 1st time decorating a cake, and icing really isn’t that easy for me lol.

Completed cakes, the only downside is that they are not low calorie or low fat, but bygum they tasted great.

The cupcakes are, Mixed Spice with a mixed Vanilla and Salted Caramel buttercream, Lemon with a Vanilla buttercream and Chocolate and Vanilla cake with a Salted Caramel buttercream.

The children’s cake was a layer of Chocolate cake and a layer of Vanilla cake, I ran out of snowy fingers and there were not any left in the shop, so i tried to create a mini avalanche but that failed ha ha, but hey the kids enjoyed it.

The ‘Grown ups’ cake is a traditional brandy fruit infused christmas cake, the individual decorations are also mini cakes, we have yet to try this one as i am saving it for christmas no 2. My hat goes off to all the wonderful bakers out there, as i am really not artistic and tend to have a fight with the icing sugar, cocoa powder, food colouring and the fondant icing and definitely losing lol, but im proud of what i have achieved for my 1st try…

Christmas Day no1, we awoke to the naughty elves who had raided the tub of chocolates, they had eaten most of them!!!! and what a mess they left behind…

The day went great, we ate and ate and ate some more, it was a full on turkey christmas dinner with all the trimmings, luckily id prepped all the veggies on friday so only had to pop the turkey in the oven yesterday morning, as usual i was up very early while the grandkids slept in (im sure they would have been up early if they had known what the day was), but the biggest surprise for them was that they had no idea, that santa had arrived early or that we were having a ‘real’ christmas day at nana’s house, they go back home today for school tomorrow and work for the parents, I’m just hoping this weather picks up a bit for them for there 8 hour drive back home. A few pics from yesterday.

I will close for now as i now have to pack all the kids pressies to take home and sort them out some treats for the trip back home.

Wherever you are whatever your doing smile xoxo

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  1. Jan says:

    Gina – lovely, chatty blog. I was getting slightly concerned as the last time I heard from you was the day before your hospital appointment. I assume it didn’t go quite as well as you hoped, but you’re obviously on the “up and up” and baking! That’s just wonderful. I’ll pop back again soon and I’m really happy to know that you seem to be OK. Love Jan xx

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    1. Hi Jan, I’m not doing to bad, In between docs, sleeping, baking and visits from grandkids I’m pretty tired, get the final results next week, saw my cardio nurse yesterday and my weight has shot up alarmgly, but I know some of that is the cakes, well it is Christmas season lol, but I’m also retaining a lot of fluid so looking a bit like the michellin man at the moment, ha ha, and all my clothes are digging in becouse of the fluid so I’m just living in nighties at the moment, i hope you had a good journey home, I will be back on here soon regular again, wonderful to hear from you xx


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