Diary update and the lurgy has definitely arrived

Good evening my wonderful peeps, I hope this finds you all well?

The last group of christmas visitors have now left, and the tree is in a heap on the floor, I really do not have the energy to remove all the decorations just yet, Neil is sleeping off his flu (I hear movement im guessing he is up) and I’m trying to sweat mine out, I did pop back to bed this afternoon but the horrible rain was banging on the window and every time i closed my eyes i begin sputtering everywhere, not to mention the waterfall that just suddenly appears, I’m thinking i should go and buy myself some nappies haha, but the ribs when i cough ouch they definitely feel as though i have been doing a 100 sit ups every minute…

All the junk food has now been sent on its way with 2 happy grandbabies, well they will be when they open the bags, I was left with 1 cherry bun and the head of a chocolate penguin so i have devoured that and said my goodbyes to the food, the freezer is now full of chicken and fish and the fridge with fruit and vegetables, I just need to muster up some energy to get back into the kitchen and start cooking, woo hoo i have missed it much more than i thought.

While writing this im letting some wonderful cold cookies & cream ice-cream just melt in my mouth, Its ok though dont gasp it’s breyers ice-cream and only 350 calories for the full tub so totally guilt free, and oh so so needed to cool my burning throat and chest.

Last night Olivia our youngest was treating her older sister Sophie to some mummy time giving her a wax, lash extensions and tinting, not wanting to miss out our youngest grandson Jack also wanted in on the action ha ha, here he is enjoying a foot and leg massage and a glass of ‘grape juice’ with ice, he came over with a tub of cream wanting spa treatments although i didn’t get any pics of his arm massages lol, he was in heaven ha ha.

As soon as i am back in the kitchen creating wonderful healthy meals for you all, you will be the 1st to know.

Well folks i am going to leave you there and dose myself up with paracetamols and liquid ( the non alcoholic variety, giving Neil the look ha ha), so please have a good night or day .

Wherever you are whatever your doing smile x0x0

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