New exercise equipment has arrived…

Good morning peeps I hope you are well?

What a yucky day it is out there, the wind and rain is just awful, I had planned on a small outing to the shop but think I will definitely give that a miss, the weather man says its in for the day, now I wonder if its one of those days the weatherman gets it correct, that would be just my luck lol.

Yay my new piece of exercise equipment has arrived, I must say thankyou to Neil for getting up with me at 6.30am to await the package that arrived at 7am, its a good job I woke early I had set an alarm for 7am tho, and I had a good night’s sleep I managed a full 4.5hrs so I’m very pleased with that.

A few cups of coffee later (I somehow killed the coffee machine, Neil to the rescue again 😂) and Neil is assembling the bike, I opted for a 2 in 1 elliptical and bike, I did some research on whether to buy a treadmill or elliptical the later being kinder to the joints, then I spotted this 2in1 my thoughts being that while I’m weak at least I can sit and do a little exercise and days that Im feeling stronger I can stand and workout, the whole purpose I brought the machine is not just to aid my weightloss and fitness but during the cold weather where I’m unable to go out i can get a little excersise in, my aim is to do at least 5mins a day when I’m not good even if I do end up in bed for a few hours afterwards.

It’s now almost put together, I’m feeling a tad excited, the reviews said it takes 2 people at least an hour to put together umm guess I must have a superman he’s done it himself in less than hour.

It’s now set up in the corner for me so that i can watch tv while having a gentle bike ride or look out into the garden, cue open the curtains, ‘Oh’ where is my fence? I guess we had better get out in the garden and just check how much fence is actually missing.

On that note I am going to say have a good day, and guess what my plans have changed again haha when will i ever learn not to make plans 😂

Wherever you are, whatever your doing have a great day and don’t forget to smile xoxo