Food Dairy 12/01/20

Good evening friends.

What a strange day it has been, I could have sworn it was saturday, I was convinced of it, its was a bit disorentating, I even had to double check the calendar and date on a couple of devices, what a weird feeling it was, is this a sign of old age? I mean come on I am half a century šŸ˜‚.

Sleep quality last night was not good, I really thought I was on the up from this lurgy but no, it just lead me in to a false sense of security, my poor head feels like its been stuffed with lead and im totally exhausted, any how I did my best to battle on through the day.

Breakfast today was a fruit and yogurt pot that i made, if you haven’t seen them yet check out my previous blog here I can’t give you an accurate calorie allowance for the pot that i ate as i calculated the entire ingredients and divided it by 4 which gave me a calculation of 190 calories per pot, some will be more some less, but it seems as though I am eating them all so technically it doesn’t matter what each pot amounts to.

Lunch & Dinner On a sunday I only tend to have 1 main meal, we still had a duck left from Christmas so I popped that into roast, and I had a wrap for lunch and a wrap for dinner, wraps are high in calories and duck is fatty although relatively low in calories you get a lot of meat per serving without going into silly cals.

Wrap, Duck, Hoisin sauce, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes.

Snacks: 2 Lattes 1 Tub Breyers Vanilla Ice-Cream.

I can not give an accurate list of macros but with what i have had I am definitely within my calorie deficit.

I will chat with you all sometime tomorrow I’m going to go for a scrub up and put on a nightie and chill on the sofa for a bit before bed, oh yeah and take some painkillers for my toothache in the space that does not have a tooth!!!!!

So friends wherever you are whatever your doing smile you are loved xoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Poor you šŸ˜„. Hope you feel better soon. X


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