Bad day healthwise, Good day food wise.

Today’s been somewhat of a bad day health wise, I didn’t sleep much due to my head being so blocked up and coughing, its like jeez yukkkkk, iv been back to bed and had some help to have a bath but still feeling like poop, by hey tomorrow is another day.

Food wise its been good, I been feeling very weak lately this lurgy has been quite unkind to me, so I have forced myself to eat, just incase im not eating enough food, I don’t feel like eating, but somehow that little tiny piece of sensible brain I have has managed to crawl through the mass of spaghetti that is swimming around somewhere inside my head and told me I need to eat to start eating properly again.

So this is just a short blog to bring you my diary for the day.

Breakfast, was my usual fruit, yogurt and honey. 142 Calories.

Lunch was a prawn salad with fat free lemon and black pepper dressing, and sweet chili sauce on the cottage cheese, egg whites and prawns. 239 Calories, I actually had a larger bowl than normal, and it was difficult to force myself to eat it.

Dinner I really didn’t have the energy to make anything so I just cooked and marinated some chicken breasts earlier in a chinese style powder I found in the cupboard, then chopped up some broccoli, mushrooms, kale, carrots, green beans, sugar snap peas and asparagus chucked in some noodles and made a honey and mustard sauce and stir fried it all.

I’m totally exhausted so I am going to say my goodnight now and head up to my bed for the rest of the evening, as i’ve also got my monthly nurse appointment in the morning so will have to be up early, but i bet it’s the one morning that I sleep lol.

So I will bid you goodnight and hope you sleep well with sweet dreams, wherever you are whatever your doing smile xoxo

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  1. meenawalia says:

    Good night Gina.hope you feel better in the morning

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    1. Feeling better than yesterday, but I will not take it for granted lol, lets see what tomorrow brings lol

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  2. jmarie1974 says:

    Ah hun, I’m so feeling for you ☹.

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    1. This one has been a bit of a bugger a couple of days ago thought I was on the mend then bam it hits you again, my nurse said this morning that it is a bit of a nasty one yep your telling me lol

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