Diary 15/01/20 Bad food day.

It was a rough night again, so much coughing, I was practically sat up but that still didn’t help, Im praying tonight will be better, today very tired but I suppose that is to be expected with this darn cold, Im looking forward to what tomorrow may bring.

Nurse appointment went smoothly as it has been doing for the past year, only downside is that this cold is a nasty one and yep I know that lol.

Breakfast was on the go this morning as I had an early appointment, so just a couple of coffee’s and a bag of rice cakes.

For lunch I made a small pot of vegetable soup, the amount = 4 servings, and seeing as I didn’t have a proper breakfast I had 2 bowls and at only 90 calories a bowl room left if I want more later.

Well now Dinner tonight didn’t really happen, I did get the fish and veggies out to prep, but was just too exhausted to play with them so they have gone into the fridge for tomorrow, the other 2 ordered take out, so I had 2 pieces of cheesy garlic bread, a handful of donner meat and 4 chips, so another night I can not give you a full calorie breakdown, infact I dont really want to know the calorific value is, but I’m not killing myself over it Im ill, If I was in good health then yes I would be shouting at myself.

On the plus side Im 12 hours smoke free, I’m not really sure that this is the right time to try and stop smoking while embarking back onto my healthy eating regime, but im hoping it will help with the cough.

So folks tonight another short one as im ready for my bed and hoping tomorrow will be better, so I will bid you all goodnight and thank you for the getwell comments, will chat tomorrow.

So my wonderful peeps, I will chat with you sometime tomorrow, wherever you are whatever your doing have a wonderful rest of the day xoxoxo

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