Hello You, Good Morning.

Good morning wonderful peoples, how are we all?

I think I slept slightly better, although I do remember waking up several times coughing, there was a large glass on my bedside table, empty, apparently I had asked Neil to get me some orange juice because I was coughing so much, I really have no recollection of this, although that’s not unusual.

Bear with me while I go and turn the heating up and make a coffee its suddenly gone rather chilly.

Hello there Im back, now where was I? Ah yes, the orange juice, its perfectly normal for me to have no recollection of things sometimes, sometimes it get quite frustrating but most of the time im fine with it, I guess that’s because I can’t remember what im frustrated about haha.

Im on 1 day smoke free but gosh these cravings are so hard, I keep thinking I’ll just have 1 while I’m getting over this flu, if only I could walk id be in that shop in a flash, ahhhh I think i may have to get the crochet hooks out, but then I dont have the energy and motivation to do that, I have so many WIPS (Work in Progress) to be getting on with.

Well folks im going to leave you for the day, dig out the paracetamol, prep the dinner for tonight absolutely no take out food for anyone, and decide on breakfast when i’ve woken up a bit more, for lunch I still have 2 bowls of soup left so I will have those.

Have a great day whatever your doing xoxoxo

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