Diary 19/01/20 It’s been a good day.

Good evening my wonderful peeps, I hope this finds you all well? if not I hope you are soon well x

What a glorious but cold day it has been, everywhere was white with jack frost…also I have seen some amazing sky photographs today, it truly was a beautiful sunrise and sunset, Iv include another couple at the end of this blog 2 taken by my daughter on her way to work this evening and 1 taken by my son while he was at work although I’m unsure of the time that he was at sea.

Today has been an ok sort of day, Iv felt better than I have in a couple of weeks, but I definitely am not taking it for granted that this flu has decided to start leaving me, I will see what tomorrow brings ha ha.

So I have not done anything strenuous and only slept for a couple of hours this afternoon which is pretty good for me, although I wont say that it was solid sleep there was a quite a bit of tossing and turning (can I put that down as exercise seeing as I am moving from side to side)? 🤣 and much coughing, but all in all not a bad day, now onto food.

Breakfast: Was seasoned scrambled egg whites with spinach, onion and tomatoes it would have had mushrooms in but I ran😞 out served with smoked trout, and a bowl of 0% fat greek yogurt with honey and honeydew melon.

Calories 226, Carbs 22g, Fat 4g, Protein 23g.

Sunday Lunch: On a sunday I don’t usually count my calories i allow myself as much meat and veg as I like (within reason), but seeing as i overindulged at christmas and ate a lot of yorkshire puddings I omitted the puddings and calorie counted my meal. Roast Beef, Air Fried Roast Potatoes, Peas, Sweet Corn, Kale, Broccoli, Chantenay Carrots, Green Beans and Sugar Snaps.

Calories 416, Carbs 51g, Fat 10g, Protein 31g.

This evening I have picked, I had a bit more beef and gravy, a packet of apple baby rice cakes and an orange, half a slice of ham, Im sure I will probably have a little of something else before bed and 2 cups of cappuccino.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that this flu is definitely leaving me and that I can soon get back to cooking, for now I am going to watch a bit of television while waiting for my daughter to get home from work, I hope you have a great evening or day if your day is beginning.

Taken by my son somewhere out at sea.

Wherever you are whatever your doing smile and be happy xoxoxo

Please feel free to share, follow or reblog any of my posts xoxoxo

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