Oh what a night, day, night !! Diary Update..

Oh My Gosh, this cold is the cold that just keeps giving, oh how so kind of it….

Tuesday night was absolutely horrendous, I saw every hour of the clock, this coughing is getting a bit much now, I guess having 2 fairly good days didn’t make Mr Flu happy, he decided that I needed a bit more of it and he was staying for awhile longer, now seriously you have outstayed your welcome, please return home Now…0

Wednesday, I think I just should of stayed in bed and hid from the day it was a disaster, now let me tell you, because I need a good moan lol.

Breakfast, I put my yogurt in the bowl, followed by the melon, blueberries and strawberries, and this is where the day started to go wrong, Im slicing in the strawberries and there rather hard, but I think ok Il munch down on them, Iv sliced 3 strawberries at this point and noticed that the seeds seem to be rather on the large size, is this why there hard to slice?, I pick up the next one that has a leaf still on it, and pull off the leaf, What The Hell is that? it’s a maggot a bloody maggot, I feel like throwing up, inspecting the others that rather large seed is a maggot that I had cut through, now I want to be sick, so the whole bowl of food along with the strawberries are now in the bin, I really don’t want to eat now…

So I go ahead and make myself another cappuccino pop the disks into the coffee machine but no it doesn’t want to work, I curse at it pressing the buttons, hey presto iv got coffee but only half a cup.. this is going to be a long day…

Almost lunch time and my head is banging, with every cough my head hurts even more, I google on how to cope with cough headaches and I find one post that says, try not to cough, yeah ok how do I stop coughing please tell me.. I make a salad for lunch carefully checking each bit of food for any unwanted creepy crawlies, nope all is good here, time to dig out even more painkillers, temp is going back up, chest is in agony, voice is going and my head feels like its about to explode, time to head back to bed and try and catch up on lost sleep…

I toss and turn and cough cough, Im way to hot, put on fan, Im way to cold… I give up, back down stairs more honey, lemon and hot water, coughing while holding my head jeez this bloody hurts, please someone tell Mr Flu Im really not enjoying his company.

To try and take my mind off this excuritating pain I devide to get the yarn and crochet hook out and start making a cardigan I need to make for a gift, bad idea, I just cant concentrate it took my a few hours to just make the yoke, as I kept making mistakes and had to undo it all, usually I would have completed the garment in a few hours.

Wednesday dinner, I just need to throw something quick and easy together, I really dont have the energy to make anything, so cook up some chicken breasts, throw some onions, pineapple and mushroom in a pan and i’ve found a packet of sweet and sour sauce in the cupboard, easy peasy and very quick with a bit of rice, pour the sauce onto the food, OMG it tastes like mould, but that could be because I’m unwell and food just doesn’t taste right, I get Neil and Olivia to try it, yuk they spit it out it definitely tastes mouldy, seriously what is going on today? it has been a disaster, so throwing the 2nd lot of food into the bin, I get on the phone and order a takeaway, I’m not making anything else today, so food diary well that’s in the bin to.

I retreat to the sofa with my takeaway and binge watch the rookie before heading to bed, by bedtime Im rattling like a pharmacy and oh so tired, but I will sleep tonight Im totally exhausted, yeah right who am I trying to kid… I spent the night trying to sleep sat up, I’ve got 2 pillows and a V pillow, I gave up counting how many times I hit my pounding head on the head board, so for the 2nd night running Iv clock watched, not a happy bunny today, and totally exhausted.

Thursday It’s now almost 10.30am and I’m wondering what the day will bring, my head still hurts but not as much as yesterday iv coughed a little less than yesterday, Iv not idea what I’m making food wise yet, as my head is still a mush of spaghetti, for now I’m going to make some more hot water. lemon & honey and grab my crochet and see how the day goes, so I shall say goodbye for now and thank you for reading my rant, lol.

I hope you all have a splendid and productive day xoxoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Ah hun! What a crap time you’re having of it! Fingers crossed for a good night’s sleep, some improvement and NO more maggots! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh yes, it’s been awful, I’m really put off strawberries now, in hindsight I should have taken them back to the shop, but I just immediately threw everything in the bin.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jmarie1974 says:

        I would have done the same thing! How are you guys feeling now?


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