Saturday 25/01/20 Diary, Accident Prone!

Long read but funny.

Yesterday was a relatively good day, despite all the injures I recieved, the morning started off good, but food was not to good, although when I started the day I had planned my food for the day.

For breakfast I just had fruit and coffee then decided to sort out my greying roots, did 15 mins moderate pace on the exercise bike, while the dye was attaching itself to my roots.

Lunch was a lemon and black pepper salad with a breyers sweet berry choc chip ice-cream.

Fot tea, I had prepared chicken breasts marinated in a balsamic and mustard dressing ( will be making that one again it was really nice), I was going to serve it with veggies.

I managed to finish 1 little jacket I was making but didn’t like the buttons that i got so I’m going to buy some wooden buttons I think they will look much nicer, then decided to make another one with a hood, and this is where the day took a turn for the worse (I wasn’t that hurt).

So heading into the work room (everything has been stored in boxes to keep away from little people over christmas), I will unpack it when were feeling better, I wanted the blue wool, thinking that the box was heavier than I thought I grabbed it and lifted it up with a bit of force, it was very light, and proceed to smack myself in the nose with it, (the boxes are plastic lidded containers), giving out a little yelp and jumping backwards (cue Olivia coming to my rescue), I somehow manage to knock the books off the computer table only about 10 hardback large books (my granddaughter had got out and didn’t return to the bookshelf) that slide down my left side leaving a red mark on my hip, thigh and leg.

Opps the blue wool is not in that box, I had colour coordinated them a while back, so why grab the white box of wool? the boxes are see through, ummm I dunno, the wool I want happens to be in the bottom box at the back, so an umming and ahhing Olivia needs to get to it lol, taking my instructions to sit down before I do anymore damage I decide to help and move the shredder out of the way, promptly dropping it on my right foot, cue another bruise, 3 sewing machines later and a pile of boxes moved we have blue wool, but it’s not the one I want haha, needless to say I began getting dagger eyes as it all needs putting back.

So I’ve gone for yellow and fawn wool after all that, ( they were in the top boxes easy to get to).

Before i start my next project I go and put the chicken in the oven, I’ll leave it for about an hour so it’s lovely and tender, and make a start on my next jacket, I have an idea of what style I want to make, but 1st head off out for a ciggie (Il try giving up again once this cold has gone), I have no idea how i did it but manage to sit on a lit cigarette im wearing shorts, and end up with a blister on the back of my right thigh, my body is thrown into some sort of upward contortion with Olivia laughing in tears trying to rescue me again!!!, right that’s it, im heading to living room sofa where it’s safe! promptly falling over the coffee table leaving another bruise this time on my left knee.. This all happened within half an hour, nothing else can go wrong can it???, at least it was half an hour of laughter tears, they’ve definitely been needed lately even it was at my expense.

Safely snuggled up on the sofa with my yarn and hook, me hook oh no lol, I begin crocheting away, I’m going to attempt to make a teddy hoodie, getting lost in my thoughts of counting and designing, Olivia pipes up what’s that smell?… Oh bugger I didnt turn down the heat on the oven, jeez chicken has changed to a lovely dark brown/black colour… not sure its suppose to be that dark though…. I remove the dish from the oven, burning my arm on the splash back from what is left of the charred sauce, ( I get in trouble again I’m not allowed to lift pans and dishes etc), forget the veggies we have some oven chips somewhere in the back of the freezer so im going to throw them into the air fryer, yep i cooked them on to high a heat and they were a bit cremated.. But all in all the chicken was surprisingly tender and tasted delicious.

Now I said it was a bad food day in the end, because at 11.30pm I found myself eating 2 cheese sandwiches why I have no idea I don’t usually eat that late at night.

My fawn yarn decided that it would unravel into a knotty mess again iv no idea why but I spent over an hour sorting that out, at least once I got to bed i slept relatively well and only woke up a few times coughing, nowhere near as much as i have been doing these past few weeks.

Sunday Morning..

Got up at 7.30am it was great to have a lie in, came down to the living room switched on the lamp, bang, flash great it has blown all the electrics, scan in the duck im cooking for dinner and there is an amazing difference in the nutrient value than the previous one I scanned in, the 1st one was frozen the 2nd one fresh, so not sure so i’ve spent a bit of time googling duck nutrition and there is so much conflicting advice out there, so I’m thinking I’ll go with the higher value as I would rather undereat it than over eat it.

It’s now almost lunch time I’m hoping the rest of the day will not be as exciting as yesterday haha.

I hope I have brought a smile to your face on this wonderful sunday now I am going to check on the duck, I put a timer on it haha.

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are whatever your doing smile and be happy xoxoxo

It still needs buttons and blocking yet.

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    OH NO!!!!! I don’t know whether to laugh or not! What a lot mini mishaps, its definitely worthy of a comedy sketch 😆
    Hope you’re duck was lovely.
    What a gorgeous jacket 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely laugh it was so funny 🤣, just 1 after another lol, it was lovely thankyou, but I preferred the frozen one over the fresh… And thankyou just need to find the right buttons x

      Liked by 1 person

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