What does social distancing mean to you?

I took the decision to go out today, It was a very scary thought but decided to brave it, after all there will not be many people about and with all the social distancing steps that the shops have taken and the fact that I am masked and gloved up I should be fine right?, wrong, what i experienced was not what I was expecting at all, I’m not sure if I was angry or frightened, but knew I needed to get home quick (that was also something to do with the fact I needed the loo also).

My heart was fluttering a bit as I stepped out of the front door, was I making the right decision? I longed for some air, I have been in the house for months apart from the few times that I have been out of the house this year, the urge to get out and the fear of what could happen were a 50/50 battle, I had on gloves and a face mask covering from my nose to under my chin and my glasses, I was well wrapped up taking every possible precaution I could to keep me safe incase I came into contact with anyone who may possibly have Covid-19.

Being pushed through town, it was eerily quiet , a bit like a sunday really but that was what i expected and would expect during this time.

All was going well, I was loving being outside in the open away from the concerte walls that have kept me prisoner for so long, then we turned the corner and wow I was expecting to see a few cars in the supermarket carpark but not the amount that i saw, it did leave a bit on edge, but its fine the shops have a really good system in place, a marshalll on the door allowing only a certain number of people into the store at any one time, tape across the floor clearly showing the 2 meter distance that should be kept amonst people, what a brilliant idea, that way we all know where we should be and not invade anyone space right? Wrong.. this is what I experienced.

I would say a small percentage of the shoppers adhered to the governments say on social distancing, paying attention to the safe measures the shops had put in place for OUR Safety, how shocking and upsetting it was that people thought they had to get into the shop and not join the que the same as others, that once inside the shop the taped areas were invisible, that they had to reach for the same thing on the shelf that you did, ( not that there was much on the shelves anyway), at the same time, the que for the checkout was down one aisle clearly marked with distance tape and published at all checkouts where to stand and wait to be told which till to go to, but for the vast majority of people this excluded them, they didn’t need to que or wait or social distance themselves from anybody else, Well no this is not socially acceptable by anyone.

What have I learnt from today……?

Well I’m safer staying in my home and away from people, for those of you who do adhere to the government rules Thank You, but for now I’ll leave Neil to go out and get what we need when we need it, I took every precaution I could for my own and your safety but how sad that you could not do the same for me and others.

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