Good day turns not so good

Evening all just a quick one, hope your day has been as good as it can be.

I woke up this morning, no correct that, I was awoken this morning, day started off good, made myself a coffee, watched the cats entertain themselves, caught up with overnight news and turned on the laptop and proceeded to tell you about my crazy cats while having my breakfast, yep it was the usual fruit, yogurt and honey with another coffee.

Got to about 11ish and I started to feel unwell, not my usual unwellness, but my chest became quite hot and painful to breathe, not like the pneumonia that iv just had either, yet I felt like there was ice being pumped through my body, So by lunchtime I was back in bed until early evening, I still feel a bit odd with a bit of a headache.

The others had ordered a takeaway so iv had a slice of pizza a handful of chips and donner meat and now I feel very sickly, iv drank quite a bit of water this evening but it just tastes very metallic and yuki, so I’m just going to stay curled up here on the sofa watching my friday night fix of Chicago programs.

Take back what I was just saying of relaxing, Olivia has come downstairs with some brick red and slate grey dye and said dad im dying your beard im bored, so there now both sat on the floor in front of the tv with dye in hand, oh yeah and on face.

The dying didn’t turn out as well as I hoped!!! iv decided to buy some fluorescent dyes instead and she can do them 🤣🤣

Well folks not much to say im afraid, but tomorrow is another day, im sure a good sleep will sort me out …

Wherever you are whatever your doing keep safe, stay in as much as you can and remember someone somewhere is thinking of you.. xoxoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    sorry to hear 😦 I do hope a good nights sleep helps x

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