Meet the cats.. Spooky and Sophie

Good Morning all hope you all had a good night, or if your day is beginning or ending I hope you had a wonderful day.

Hello I thought you might like to meet my cats, and give you something to smile about, I’m a bit groggy this morning but that’s thanks to sophie cat as she insisted it was my get up time, the only time she wants me is in the morning when it’s her play time, Sophie is the most mischievous one as im sure you will find out from the pics, lol, she doesn’t wake anyone else up… She thinks it’s great to grab my feet and legs as im coming down the stairs, through the spindles, she will sit on the banister on the 2nd floor and reach through and swipe me lol, or she just lays on a step so I can’t get past.

Oh goodness spooks is now sat on the bottom step meowing, he does this to wake neil up, and if he doesn’t come down he will go and sit on the bedside table put a paw on his face and meow rather loudly till he gets up,

Its very rare that the cats go out straightaway when they have awoken us, Im sure they just want an audience to watch them play, they are the most craziest of cats I have ever had the pleasure of living with, one of there games is spooky will chase sophie to the top of the house and then sophie will chase spooks back down at the speed of lightning, and it sounds like there’s a herd of elephants running around, another thing they do is somehow get into a ball and roll down the stairs, we don’t jump up and rush to see what on earth is going on…its sounds like someone falling down the stairs very hard, how they don’t get seriously hurt is beyond me.

We have to had to buy a plastic kitchen waste bin, as the previous 2 metal ones we had just became full of dents, as they rush around that fast they cant stop and end up smashing straight into it, sophie has had more than her fair share of vet trips because of the injuries she has had, her worse was a swollen face and black eye, well it would look black under the fur, she is amazingly crazy, but they both keep us entertained if that’s the correct word to use…

Sophie was found under a car on our street Neil and Olivia heard her meowing while coming back from shopping, she was so tiny and could sit in the palm of your hand, we asked about, knocked on doors put an add on facebook, took her to the vets to see if she was chipped, but no one came forward for her, we were due to go on holiday in 2 weeks so left our neighbours details with the vet as she was coming in to look after her and spooks, no one came forward at all and as soon as we got back, we had her chipped and spayed and she’s been here ever since, Sophie is still scared of strangers if she in the back garden and someone comes into the carpark at the side of our house, she will run in growling and run upstairs, the same if someone knocks on the door she runs upstairs and hides, i wonder what could have happened to her in her 1st home…

Sophie also has a thing about boxes and bags, she has to investigate them, she will do her best to get in them before you have even opened them, she knows how to open shoe boxes it takes her probably less than a minute to get into them, she is a very curious cat, she loves to sleep under the covers with you, and likes a lot of human contact when she is sleepy by just resting a paw on you, making sure your there, reassurance is needed a lot for sophie, when she goes out into the back she stresses a lot if the back door or window is closed and will frantacily scratch at the door or bang on the window, it’s fine in the summer when we can leave them open, but she will appear every 10 mins or so, then she just pops in to make sure we are still there and then runs off again, she loves to bring things home with her, usually bottle tops, feathers or window insulation!! she has brought the odd mouse or mole home, but doesnt hurt them she just brings them in and gives them to you, and goes back out, we have spent many an hour trying to catch them to put them back out… I could go on a lot about sophie as she has an amazing personality but then I would be writing a book…lol… so i’ll leave you with a few pics of her…

Spooky is a more laid back cat, well he was until sophie arrived, he is 7yrs old, his mum walked into my sisters house on the day of my mothers funeral and gave birth a couple of weeks later, she is still living with my sister, again her original home was not found.

Spooks will not eat cat food we have tried everything from the cheap to expensive, the vet has given us different brands of food, but no he will not entertain it, so he has fresh fish, tinned tuna, sardines in tomato sauce, anything spicy, especially doritos heatwave, he loves his christmas cake and crisps if you want crisps eat them when hes not about or his head will be in the packet before you’ve got one out haha, you know when you give a dog a bone and it growls if you go near it, well spooky is the same with broccoli he will growl and hiss and swipe at you if you go near him, we often put the scraps of food down from a roast dinner and spooks will eat all the veg before he eats the meat, sometimes he will not even touch the meat, the vet is happy with him and his weight is fine and he is thriving well on a non pet food diet.

Spooky has never really been a kitten he didn’t play, he never sat on the furniture until last summer when he watched sophie playing with one of her toys he then went and got a toy and began playing and playing with sophie, she has taught him a few bad habits though and naughtiness lol. These past few weeks he has started to sleep on the sofa, if neil is sat in his place he will put a paw up onto the sofa and mew till neil moves, then he will jump up and put his paw on the cushion for him to lay the cushion down but he will keep meowing until the cushion is where he wants it lol..

The only time that spooks is really naughty is when your wrapping christmas presents and he likes to chew off the ribbon so last year i wrapped a couple of boxes with a lot of ribbon on to keep him occupied but that didn’t work he wanted the parcels i was wrapping lol.

If you got to the end of this rather long blog, thank you, I really must stop I just have many a wonderful tail!!! to tell…

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Great post! loved all the pics!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Liz says:

    πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ™‚ Thank you for introducing Spooky and Sophie. I enjoyed reading about your beautiful cats and I couldn’t stop laughing or smiling in places when reading their antics. They sound very entertaining cats, who I would enjoy watching their behaviours.


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